Tips for Buying Bikes from Different BMX Brands – (Complete Guide)

BMX bikes are all about showcasing actions where you can flip your bike and perform tricks. Follow this guide about Tips for Buying Bikes from Different BMX Brands.


BMX bikes are all about showcasing actions where you can flip your bike and perform tricks. There are different BMX brands that design bikes which contain lightweight, sturdy frames and materials. These BMX brands ensure that every rider can have ultimate fun, enjoy their riding experience for a longer time. Additionally, these brands are categorizing their BMX bikes based on the age, gender and budget category to satisfy the needs of each adult and kid. 

Generally, BMX bikes are inspired by the motocross riding style along with dirt jump tracks. Hence, during initial times, when the BMX riders mimic their favourite motocross rides during their backyard jumps and local tracks. With the evaluation of motocross, their era of BMX world has started. And now the market has revolutionized where every individual can have their type of favourite BMX. However, these varieties of options can give existence to more confusion.

We are here to clear the water for you while providing you strategy on how to do smart shopping from different BMX brands. Our guide will ensure everyone with fully educated tips on modern offerings. Also, this guide can help which BMX bikes are suitable for your own needs.  

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Tips for buying BMX bikes from different BMX brands:

These are the tips we have highlighted for you that are efficient, easy to memorize, save your budget, reduce your time and effort and give you a chance to buy a high-quality BMX bike.

Buying Bike under your Budget:

The BMX bikes offered by numerous brands are covered through a broader spectrum when it comes to price. Here you can have a BMX bike from $200 to $1200. However, the price difference will let you expect high or low in features. Hence you should be clear on what you want, and this will help you set the goal. It will also help you in narrowing down your price range you are relying on. 

  • Purchase a bike that can help you in pushing you hard to update your desired level
  • do not overload your home with multiple bikes
  • keep a budget to have essential accessories and budget for your maintenance
  • Keep an eye on your budget and requirements and if possible, try to push a bit high in maximizing the budget efficiently.
  • Sometimes, the high-end model will cost you high in price, maintenance and replacement of the parts.

Explore your Skill-level:

We have initiated our guiding tips from the bottom. Hence, there is no shame in expressing your BMX skill level. So, suppose you are at entry-level. In that case, investing on the pro model bike is not an intelligent approach until and unless you are not aware of the additional features and designing performance that will directly enhance your riding experience. 

Determine Your Riding Style

After determining your skill level, the next important part is to understand your riding style. There are numerous riding disciplines, and each rider can fall into any of these categories. The riding style is directly affecting the decision of purchasing your new bike. Numerous riding styles have specific demands. Hence, each BMX bike frame has been designed with specified geometry, components and design specifications for each style. However, few models are suitable for riding across different disciplines. These are the most popular riding styles:

  • Street
  • Park
  • Flatland
  • Dirt Jumpers
  • Race

BMX Bike Sizing

Typically, BMX bikes are small as compared to regular bicycles. Hence, there is a tremendous impact on selecting the right size BMX bike for the rider’s performance. Generally, sizing BMX is depending upon the rider’s height and top tube length. Hence, you need enough space for your legs to not hit the knees on the handlebar. Below is the comprehensive guide that helps you in sizing the BMX bike for adults and kids.

Rider’s Height vs Top Tube’s Length:

Rider’s Height

Top Tube’s Length

Less than 4.’

Between 15″-16.”

Between 4′-5′

Between 16″-18.5.”

Between 5′-5’8″

Between 19.75″

Between 5’5″-6’2″

Between 20.25”-21.5″

Between 6′-7′

Between 21″+

Wheel Size:

In addition to bike size, right frame there is still an option of wheel size that the rider should take it as seriously while buying the BMX bike. The majority of bikes designed by the top BMX brands use 20″ wheel-size as standard. Moreover, smaller wheels are used for freestyle tricks and larger wheels help the riders to cruise around the town. So, determine the riding style and try different BMX models to see what goes best for you. Below is the comprehensive guide that shows you wheel size in the BMX bike for adults and kids.

Riding Style and Wheel Size


Wheel Diameter

For Kids


Standard BMX


Dirt Jumper / Trail

20″ – 24″

Cruiser BMX


Determining the quality and Things to note down:

Learn these terminologies and their differences. As the quality of your BMX bike is dependent upon them:

Sealed bearings vs Unsealed bearings: 

Typically, a sealed bearing is pressed into the cartridge and covered with the rubber sear. Hence, when talking about sealed bearing in BMX then it requires low maintenance over unsealed bearing as sealed bearing gives the rider an ability to keep the water and dirt away.

On the other side, the unsealed bearing demands a cone or lock nut which keeps it tighter and also requires a closer eye to keep them safe. Hence, if your unsealed bearings reach to a loose end and are neglected, then there is a high risk of significant damage. As they will affect the working of the particular area, they are placed in. The price of unsealed bearings is relatively low when buying them, and due to the in-detail construction of sealed bearings, the rider pays a bit high.

Chromoly vs Hi-Tensile steel

You can find both Hi-Tensile steel and Chromoly in BMX bikes. Typically, the Chromoly material is the gold standard for BMX bikes. This material is lighter than high tensile steel. Also, they are relatively more robust. On the contrary, the hi-tensile steels are also strong but are heavier that can bring more weight to the bike. However, the Chromoly material is quite expensive and requires some more skills to construct. This adds-up additional cost to your budget.

Double-wall vs Single-wall rims

In the complete BMX bikes, you will find both single as well as double-wall rims. The “wall” referred to the rim’s area where the spokes are placed. In the single-wall rim, the outer or the visible rim’s wall is there to shape the rim. However, in the double-wall rim, there is a second wall placed internally. This double rim acts as a cross brace for side-to-side strength. This helps you get safer from buckling into the wheels while landing sideways.

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