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CBD Products for Dogs: The Best Of 2022 

 CBD is the talk of the town these days, and its growing popularity is no surprise. It has entered the market with many businesses promoting their products already. Of course, you’re already aware of CBD’s medicinal properties and how it aids in treating various conditions such as stress, anxiety, pain, sleeplessness, and so on. But are you aware that CBD products are now available for your four-legged companion? That’s right, you heard it correctly. 

Pet owners are warming up to the concept of giving CBD to their pets to aid with ailments including arthritis, anxiety, and pain. Even your pet may be in luck these days since there is a myriad of businesses that provide CBD treats just for them. As a result, this post has made it a point to showcase the best five CBD products that dogs can benefit from. 

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The best CBD products for Dogs:  

CBDfx Oils and Vegan Treats 

CBDfx has been a pioneer in the CBD market since 2014, which is an eternity in the fast-paced world of CBD. Their success is due to their strict devotion to the potency and quality of their CBD products. CBDfx sells CBD oils for cats and dogs and other CBD products for your four-legged companions. This company makes it simple to choose the right CBD for Dogs, with dosages ranging from 200 mg to 2,000 mg and options for small and large breeds. 

CBDfx’s vegan pet treats a superb combination of broad-spectrum CBD, potent antioxidants, vitamins -minerals, and the natural flavor of sweet potatoes, making them the ideal companion for any furry buddy. Their CBD can, therefore, treat stress, anxiety, and joint and mobility disorders effectively. You may also buy anxiety or mobility bundles, which come with a selection of treats and items targeted to your pet’s specific requirements. 

Holistapet CBD Treats 

Holistapet is one of the firms on this list specializing in CBD products for dogs and is entirely dedicated to the wellness of our dogs. Its main goal is to create CBD products for pets using hemp seed oil and offer free shipping. 

L-theanine and chamomile are present in their Apple, and Peanut Butter CBD dog treats to help your dog produce alpha waves and relieve anxiety. These distinct flavors and the calming herbs, along with other superfoods like Pure CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Powder, help your furry friend gain energy and have a relaxed mindset in any stressful situation.  

This formula is excellent for dogs that show signs of anxiety or worry. This includes pets afraid of loud noises, such as thunder, and pets who have experienced a severe separation or travel anxiety.  

Petly CBD Snacks 

Pet CBD specializes in a wide range of CBD products for dogs. In fact, it is the gold standard for CBD in the pet segment, as their products are entirely manufactured of organic hemp, broad-spectrum, and contain no unnecessary ingredients or preservatives that might compromise your pet’s health. 

Their Stress & Anxiety CBD snacks will provide relief to your pet through stressful occasions such as thunderstorms, fireworks, car journeys, travel, and vet appointments. These snacks come with vitamins and minerals, including L-theanine, which can help with anxiety, relaxation, and calming effects. The Stress and Anxiety CBD treats help treat all aspects and causes of dog anxiety. 

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Honest Paws Tinctures and Oils 

Chelsea and Erik Rivera co-founded Honest Paws in 2017 after Chelsea resorted to alternative medicine to aid her dog Baby Rose with her seizures. Honest Paws creates CBD solutions for various ailments with 100 percent pure spectrum CBD hemp oil. All of the components in these products are organic, of high quality, and evaluated for purity by a third party. 

Honest Paws offers three CBD oil tinctures to assist your dog’s condition-specific requirements. You may use their CBD oil for various purposes, including relaxation, mobility, and general well-being. The Calm CBD oil contains chamomile for relaxing, while the Mobility CBD oil has turmeric to help with arthritic joint discomfort. These CBD oils come with marked doses as per your dog’s size. 

Medterra CBD Pet Drops 

Jay Hartenbach launched Medterra, a well-respected CBD product firm, in 2017. Their products have a certification from the United States Hemp Authority, third-party tested batch by batch, and include CBD derived from organically cultivated hemp. 

Medterra’s CBD Pet Drops, unlike many other companies, use CBD isolate rather than full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil. This might be a good choice for pet owners who don’t want to expose their pets to THC, including full-spectrum CBD oil products in small doses. 

Medterra’s CBD Pet Drops are available in unflavored beef and unflavored chicken, allowing you to pick the ideal flavor for your pet. Organic MCT oil is also used in the formulation. The CBD pet oil from Medterra comes in four different potencies: 150 mg, 300 mg, 750 mg, and 1200 mg. 

The Final Note 

So, there you go with the list of the top five CBD products for your furry friend. Provide your doggo with them when they need it, but make sure not to give them all at a time. And also, consult your veterinarian before giving any CBD products to your dog, as they can guide you about the right dose according to the dog’s breed type, weight, size, etc. Remember that you should start small and increase the dose gradually if required.  

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