How To Find Long-Term RV Parking?


With life getting busier and busier in city centers, the allure of exploring calming open spaces in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) becomes all the more irresistible. Gone are the days of retiring in an RV –– people, of all walks of life, are in search of valuable experiences instead of material goods. Some may want a simpler, quieter life in full-time RV travel, whilst others may want to experience a short-term getaway by renting an RV. Whether you’re renting or owning an RV, there’s one thing you have in common: searching for a place to park your RV every night. Although some RV owners enjoy the excitement of finding new parking spots, others might want a seasonal setup that they can call home. 

Before you set out to find a long-term parking space for your RV, here are some go-to considerations that people have, should they be looking to rent my rv out


First and foremost, always consider your destination. Ask yourself these questions: which area of the country do you want to explore, are you planning on visiting any national parks, and whether you’re going to attend events, concerts, or festivals. Choosing a strategic space around the things you want to do is important. 

Once you have located the perfect center point, you can search for nearby areas where the land allows for long-term parking of RVs.

In-Season Camping

If you’re not a fan of the cold, head south to the areas in the United States’ Sun Belt region. Do note that these are more popular destinations for full-time RV drivers because of their temperate climate. Not only is the weather more comfortable, but it also makes camping a lot easier –– you don’t need to prepare for freezing temperatures or winterizing!

However, do note that these destinations get snagged up quickly, and finding a suitable RV space in a park can be extremely challenging if not booked in advance. 

Off-Season Camping

Alternatively, if you prefer a quieter camping trip and you hold an all-season RV, you might want to try camping in the northern area of the United States. Winter camping holds a different kind of enjoyment and is perfect for those who crave solitude and peace during the winter months. 

These RV parks are significantly easier to get as the demand for off-season RVing is much lower. However, not all parks are open for the season. In places where temperatures drop below zero, certain parks may winterize their sewer and water systems, which makes it challenging to clean your RV. Winter camping is doable, but you’ll need to prepare a little more for it. 

Long Term RV Parks

Once you have determined where you want to explore, it’s time to find a suitable place to stay. Although there isn’t a one-stop-shop for finding long and short-term RV parks, here’s how you can narrow your search down. Those searching for long-term RV parks might want to check out Campendium, whilst those on the go would prefer the AllStays app.

By far, the most popular option is to find spaces dedicated to RVs for the long term. Across the states, many such campgrounds can come in the form of privately-owned parks, luxury RV parks, and Kampgrounds Of America (KOA) camps.

Privately-Owned Parks

Though most private websites don’t advertise on long-term RV parking, many do offer monthly RV rates and extended stay options. The best way to ascertain this is to call them before your trip and ask whether they have the option to extend your stay once you arrive. 

Luxury RV Parks

Because of their high-quality and impeccable service, luxury RV parks are extremely popular amongst frequent RV drivers. There is a long waiting queue online, so remember to do your research and book early! 

KOA Camps

Kampgrounds of America (KOA) camps are campsites that can be located all over the United States. These are incredibly popular amongst RV owners who go for short-term road trips, preferably from one night to a month. 

Not only are they situated in a prime location, but these campgrounds also offer campers three forms of RV parks: Holiday, Journey, and Resort. All three options provide varying resort-style amenities. KOA parks are also extendable and long-term friendly, as they often help seasonal RVers find campgrounds that allow for seasonal camping if necessary. Last but not least, they are established enough to have a much more convenient booking system on their websites.

Rental Or Purchase of Land

Though staying in an RV park is a dream come true to many, it isn’t always feasible due to the location, condition of the RV, and even the timeframe it is located in. Some travelers may even prefer not going to RV parks because they can be highly regulated and cramped at times. 

Whilst boondocking is always available, not all RVers want to live off-the-grid –– hence, renting or purchasing land becomes much more appealing. You can search for RV-approved empty spaces through the classified section of the local paper, online websites, services, and word-of-mouth. With some careful research and a bit of elbow grease, you’re bound to find an open lot, which is ideal for permanent RV parking. 

Camping Memberships Or Clubs

Those on a budget often gravitate towards discount clubs that know the best deals and promotions around. These clubs are extremely popular amongst those who want to minimize the financial burden of long-term traveling, yet with the same assurance and reliability as bigger companies. Many of these discount clubs provide extensive members-only benefits such as overnight discounts, handy search engines, and exclusive member perks. On the other hand, other discount clubs may adopt a time-share model, which allows RV owners to stay in parks by paying up a small usage fee. Though it depends on the level of membership, the RV holds the yearly maintenance fees, member fees, and external prices incurred when you stay in someone else’s park. 


Regardless of whether it comes to renting or owning your RV, you’re bound to have an adventure of a lifetime! Just remember that the vehicle needs the same level and attention as you do, which means that constant cleaning and maintenance are necessary. 

Finding the perfect place for parking your RV is also much easier now given the rising popularity of living on the go. You just have to dig hard enough!

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