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Civil Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for Gift Issues

Civil Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for Gift Issues:

 If for your gift issues you need civil lawyer in Lahore Pakistan or law firm in Lahore Pakistan you may contact Nazia Law Associates. If a gift is made to a child, but the child dies before the testator, the gift to the child is still valid through civil lawyer in Lahore Pakistan or law firm in Lahore Pakistan. Our Civil Lawyer in Lahore & Civil Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan is best and top. Now Choose Our Professional Civil Lawyers in Lahore & Civil Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan to Solve The Legal Issue.

Dead Child:

The gift will pass into the estate of the dead child rather than pass automatically to the grandchildren. Descendants: This means children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, etc., whether male or female. If the property is left to ‘all my descendants,’ each descendant will have an equal share of the estate. In contrast, it will often have been the testator’s intention that each of his children (or the child’s family if the child has died) should receive an equal share through civil lawyer in Lahore Pakistan or law firm in Lahore Pakistan. If this is intended, the words ‘per stripes’ should be used. 


 This word has been held to have several different meanings. Generally, it means the same as ‘children, but the careful will-drafter will avoid using the word family’ because of the confusion over its meaning.  Free of tax:  Any capital transfer tax payable on a gift usually comes from the facility or is paid by the beneficiary. So, for instance, if a tax of £50 were expected on a financial legacy (i.e., money gift) of £l, 000, the beneficiary would receive £950. But if the gift were free of tax,’ the beneficiary would receive the full £1,000, it would pay the tax out of the residue of the estate.  

Law Firm in Lahore Pakistan:

Infant: It means the same as a minor, i.e a person under eighteen. People under eighteen cannot own land, and they cannot give a valid receipt to the personal representatives like civil lawyer in Lahore Pakistan or law firm in Lahore Pakistan for money or chattels. It is, therefore, impossible for a gift to go directly to a minor. In the case of land, it will be held by trustees until the child is eighteen, and with other property, the usual device is to word the Will so that the gift goes to the parents or other trustees, who are asked to apply it for the child’s benefit.  Issue.  It is the same meaning as ‘descendants,’ but occasionally, it has been held to have a different purpose through civil lawyer in Lahore Pakistan or law firm in Lahore Pakistan. Therefore, the word ‘issue’ is avoided by experienced will-drafters.

  Nephews and nieces:

 The general rule is that this phrase only includes the testator’s nephews and nieces and not those of his/her spouse. To avoid doubt, it is wise to name the children rather than describe them as ‘my nephews and nieces, next of kin. It will be the person who is the closest blood relative of the testator.  Pecuniary legacy:  It is the term used to describe a gift of cash.  Residue the residue is left after paying all the specific legacies and devices (i.e., specific gifts have been made). Testamentary expenses: These are the expenses of administering the estate: e.g., expenses of the executors, lawyers’ fees, costs of adverts, tracing beneficiaries, etc.

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