Cool Things Molds Can Make

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Molds are made out of all kinds of materials and can be used to make just about anything. Many machinery companies use molds to make tools. The average crafter or baker can also use molds to create something new and creative.

Machine Parts

Manufacturing plants and other companies will often use injection mold builders to make machine parts and other tools. These parts need to be made with a mold because they all need to be identical. When it comes to tools and small parts, injection mold builders will usually use melted plastic or metal. In their liquid form, these materials are malleable enough to make just about any shape. Think about that the next time you look at a nail or a gear!

Resin Jewelry

People who like the shinier things in life can use silicone molds to make resin jewelry. With these, crafters can put small items into the mold (usually pressed flowers or small bits of solid metal) and cover them with resin. When the resin hardens, the crafters can polish it to give the final piece a glass-like shine. 


Anyone who has ever made a bundt cake knows that a metal pastry mold is essential to giving the cake the right shape. Usually, when it comes to cake molds, the baker needs to place the mold so thatthe opening is facing toward the ceiling. He or she will then pour the batter in. To make it easier for the cake to come out of the mold when it is done, bakers should liberally grease the mold with butter before adding the batter. The same goes for all cake pans and molds, not just bundt cakes.

Molds are used for practical and creative purposes every day in so many different areas of life. So, get creative or simply take a minute to appreciate all the different things molds can make!

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