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Cost Saving 24 pack water without packaging waste

Whenever we go for a workout at the gym or we are involved in any kinds of sports activities such as Football or cricket, we always carry a water bottle with us to keep ourselves hydrated. In the case of playing any sports, both of the teams need               20 to 30 water bottles or even more, hence instead of buying 20 or 30 single packed water bottles a 24-pack bottled water would always be a better option. You must be thinking that how does buy a single pack but larger in size help you? It does help a lot and not only it helps you but it also helps the Earth and its people in various aspects.


For a very long time one of the finest and most popular business strategies for business tycoons is to sell more products for less price and this is how buying one bottle of water will not save you as much as money buying a 24-pack bottled water will.

For example:

If we can quickly estimate their prices, a 24 pack of water from RAIN, one of the best water brands in the world, costs us around 25.99$ whereas a 12 pack costs 21.99 dollars. If we quickly calculate how much we are being charged for a single unit in both cases.

If we buy a 24 pack, we are being charged 1.08$ per bottle whereas if we buy 12 pack, we are being charged 1.83$ per bottle.

And for a certain reason, you can never predict your thirst to any extent. You might go to the supermarket intending to buy a single bottle of water but you definitely are going to pay a visit again. There is no limit to thirst hence if you buy a 24 pack bottled water it will also save your money due to your less visits to the supermarket again and again. But less usage of vehicles isn’t only linked with your money saving.

2-Vehicle Pollution

Whenever your vehicle goes from point A to point B. it definitely burns a lot of fossil fuels and harms the ozone layer in unimaginable ways. This means that when you go to the supermarket to buy maybe just 1 or 2 bottles you will need to visit the market again and again which involves vehicles. However, buying a 24-pack bottled water minimizes your consistent visits to the market.

Car pollution is also involved in the production of smog which itself is such a huge issue that a lot of car accidents are often victim to it.

A report by the US Environmental Protection Agency states that more than half of the environmental pollution is caused by vehicles alone.

This really means that Vehicles are responsible for the disaster of climate change and you can reduce this on an individual level starting by using the 24 pack of bottled water.

3-Less Wastage

When you are buying the 24 pack of bottled water you are also contributing to making the Earth greener. A single water bottle comes in a single packaging whereas if you would buy a 24 pack it’s the same hence certainly there would be less amount of wastage. So, in short if you are buying a 24 pack of bottled water, you are saving a lot of money that is not being wasted on car fuels or extra water bottles waters. Let’s not forget companies like RAIN that provide pure spring water in aluminum cans that will help you save the environment.

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