Covid Weddings – A Silver Lining – Smaller Weddings More Enjoyable

Smaller Weddings More Enjoyable can give you all the time to sit, enjoy once-in-a-lifetime moments, without letting any bad incidents in.

Introduction to More Enjoyable Smaller Weddings

The only thing that remains constant in this world is – change. Not a millisecond passes without revealing faces of change for us. Recently we are introduced to a concept called AQ – that means Adaptive Quotient. Our IQ judges our intelligence; today’s key to success is to have a high quotient in adaptivity. Success depends upon how well can we respond to change and adapt accordingly. You can buy linens wholesale to lower you costs.

Let us look at the concept by the example of a tree. An interesting phenomenon about trees is that they will adapt to their surroundings and grow in accordance. If you block its entire growth path and leave a hole somewhere, it will find its way to that hole and start growing from that tiny passage.

This is how nature works. Human minds, being an ultimate part of nature, functions in the same manner. You give it an obstacle, and the GPS in their minds will reroute them. Like water, humans who are practically made out of 70% water always find their way to flow further.

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One of the things where we have adapted and found another way out amid the recent Covid-times is MARRIAGES. Life can’t just stop. So we’ve replaced all the norms and still found a way to throw a wedding – grand or not. Weddings especially are the silver lining during this situation. That little good that comes out as a result of a terrible storm. Here are a few reasons why Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise regarding weddings.

You’ll be able to have a grand-er wedding.

You had the plan of the grandest wedding ever, we dreamt of it for years, and when the time finally came, did the dream suddenly turns into a nightmare? I don’t think so. You can have an even grand-er wedding in these times. You can afford better food, better clothes, fancier gifts, and a better venue on a surprisingly lower budget than originally planned.

Smaller Weddings More Enjoyable

The most memorable day of our life turns into the most chaotic one with usual weddings full of extra formalities and hassles. A small-crowded wedding can give you all the time to sit and enjoy the one-in-a-lifetime moments, without letting any bad incidents ruin this perfectly cherish-able moment. We can finally have brides who are not exhausted on their wedding day.

Fewer chances of mess.

We all are in constant anxiety of seeming spoilt, only because we missed to smile at a relative’s relative! Couldn’t reach the last table for a serving? – get ready to be nagged about it all your life. Were you unable to spend your last parting days with your father because he was too occupied with all the preparations? Missed out on a perfect photo with your mother because she was busy attending guests? No need to worry about any of these; Covid-19 has finally come to your rescue. You can now have an anxiety-free wedding spending each moment with people who matter the most.

Venues will finally be available.

A destination wedding is finally coming true. Since the cut down on all the other expenses, you can choose an exotic wedding venue or transform your terrace into one – no worries at all. You finally don’t have to worry about pre-bookings a year ahead and find your dream place all available for you.

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Lesser pressure on your wallet.

Even long after our weddings, our parents are usually repaying the debts of our wedding. Or we have to cut our further expenses down as we ended up using all our savings after working tirelessly for years—no need to bid goodbye to your dream of a perfect honeymoon or to set up a dream house. Since Covid-19 helped you save a lot, you can fulfill all those dreams that were going to be compromised.

Save paper – with a shorter guest list.

Raise your hand if you, too, are one of those people who usually have no idea about 60% of the crowd in their wedding? We all pity that bride who has to sit for hours smiling at people she saw for the first time, bearing the faces who are critics of all the tiniest details – commenting on everything that they see. You finally don’t have to be one of those brides and have the time of your life surrounded only by the closest of your friends and families.

P.s – those who aren’t able to attend can always be a part of your special day virtually – after all, we truly live in a small world today!

And for those who are adamant about spending the decided budget, they can divide their list of guests and throw 5 functions instead of 3, hosting different guests in each.

You’ll be able to spend on things that matter the most.

We all believe that we need blessings more than we need gifts on our wedding day. A newly practiced trend is to give the remaining wedding budget to charities or sponsor a wedding of someone who cannot afford to have one, or even provide treatment expenses during these hard times for the needy. The extravagant backdrop in your wedding venue will be trashed the next day, but the money spent on causes like these will give you a never-ending feeling of celebration that shall follow you with its blessings your entire life!

Focusing on these positives – will rekindle the excitement you had for your awaited wedding and help you re-plan the event even better than originally intended. Even though your plans of tying the knot got tangled with Covid-19 mess, it gave you the opportunity of having a perfect wedding just your way! Hold hands and jump over the obstacles, put your way, and enjoy the hurdle race! Keeping these points in mind – you won’t have any hiccups when you have to say “I DO!”

Indulge in family activates.

Spending quality family time has countless benefits, especially in the nourishment of children’s minds. Lockdown has the best impact on working families who missed out on spending time together – this is a chance to make up for your kids. Try activities like gardening, cooking, painting, or even just watching a movie together. It’ll help you deal with the sudden lockdown and uplift your mood.


The recent Covid-times have tried to change the course of all our norms. Amid these changes, those with a dream-wedding have been affected immensely. However, there are positives of the situation that shall equip us to dodge these hurdles thrown our way and have an equally grand wedding. For more interesting articles, please visit Bearingpk. Hope you love reading “Smaller Weddings More Enjoyable”

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