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Roof Suffered or Expecting Storm Damage? Here Is What You Should Do

Roof Suffered or Expecting Storm Damage Guide allows you to understand everything you must do before or after it ruins your life.


Storm damage repair is one of the most common reasons why roofing contractors are called in. No matter where in the US you live, chances are you have experienced storms regularly. With climate change speeding up, global storms are expected to become more frequent. 

A strong storm spells trouble for a homeowner because storm brings rain, strong winds, and hail, which can deal significant damage to your home’s roof. If you live in areas that get many hurricanes and hailstorms, you should be especially careful about your roof every time a storm passes. If you have just had a bad storm passes through your area and you think your roof might have gotten damaged by it, here is what you should do.

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Call Roofing Repair Services To Assess Roof Damage

If you think the storm might have damaged your roof based on leaks or other visible damage, it is a good idea to get in touch with roofing repair servicesSince a damaged roof is unstable and a safety hazard, it is not recommended to get on a potentially damaged rooftop to assess the extent of storm damage. Experienced roofing companies such as Red Oak Exteriors have safety equipment and training to inspect damaged roofing safely. Generally, a storm causes the following types of damage to a roof:

Wind damage: 

Storms cause most of their destruction through powerful winds strong enough to flip cars over. Hurricanes can bring wind speeds up to 74 mph, and when you factor in the debris that accompanies these winds, it doesn’t come as a surprise how much damage strong winds can cause to a roof. Wind storms can rip shingles from your rooftop, and once the protective covering of shingles is torn away, your roof is exposed to the elements. 

Water damage: 

As mentioned above, when the strong wind removes the roof’s shingles, the roof deck’s underlying components, including the roof deck, are exposed to the elements, and heavy rainfall is one of them. Storms bring heavy rain that can wreak havoc on a roof that has already been damaged by strong winds, and once the water penetrates the deck of your roof, water can even seep into your home interior. Storm repair companies can often recover a rain-damaged roof granted that the moisture has not damaged the roof deck beyond repair.

Storm debris: 

Winds blowing during a storm scoop up debris such as tree branches, and if the winds are strong enough, larger debris can get flown in the air and hit your roof. This causes shingles and other protective covering to get damaged. The residue can also clog up the gutters of your roof, resulting in improper water drainage. If rainwater is not being drained from your roof, it can cause leakages and damage other structural components of your house.

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Hail damage: 

Hail storms are not as common as wind and rainstorms; however, when they do occur, the golf ball-sized hailstones are not just a risk to any cars standing out in the street. These giant hailstones have enough force and mass packed into them that they can damage shingles and granules that protect your roof. However, while hail damage might not be as severe as wind or rain damage, it can still ruin the appearance of your roof due to dented or damaged shingles. 

Now that you know about the different ways storms can damage your roof, make sure to look up roofing repair near me next time you suspect that your roof might have storm damage.     

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