Detailed list to find motivated sellers

Ever since there was a crash in the real estate market in 2008. Things have been on the upswing. The real estate market has made an enormous comeback and is as productive as ever. Every day new individuals are looking to participate in real estate investing. Mortgage rates were at an all-time low, allowing many investors to capitalize on their investment properties. Homes were selling well above market value, enabling house flippers to make serious money on every renovation. Considering all this success, you would expect that there will be constant competition in the market. There are a lot of new and old investors battling head-to-head every day for new leads. You may notice companies that place signs around town stating “sell my house fast” or “we buy houses.” These advertisement signs typically started in major cities and have grown outwards into the suburbs. You may find these signs posted on trees or telephone poles in just about every state. The reason being is this is one tactic that investors use to find motivated sellers. This article will discuss how real estate investors are keeping up with the market trend.

Using signs to receive leads

Plenty of investors in the major cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York have plastered these signs on every telephone pole. Some of these investors are even using giant billboards to post statements like “we buy houses Philadelphia” or “sell my house fast Philadelphia.” Always with a phone number attached to it stating to call us now. Many of these investors pay little to no costs by putting these signs out there. They’ll put them up in specific neighborhoods that they wish to target. Generally, areas with high ARVs or homes with distressed real estate can be profitable. So if a homeowner wants to sell property and drives by one of these signs, they consider calling that investor. This method will sometimes get tricky because they start to flood neighborhoods and cause the streets to get polluted. Some new investors attempt to avoid this route, not posting signs in communities. They’re actually becoming legal to post throughout the city in certain cities. Although that billboard is more expensive, it’s less discriminative to a neighborhood. So if you’re driving down an interstate in America, you may see a billboard to sell your house fast. It’s a very cheap and efficient way to find motivated sellers.

Direct mailers and postcards

This has been a tactic that has been around for a while now. It is where an investor will print out a card that is tailored to your address with your name on it. Saying they want to purchase your property as-is. Typically it will be a short little handwritten note explaining their process and how they want to buy your house from you. They are close to paying $0.02 per postcard. What they’ll typically do is choose an area they want to target. Then spend a few thousand dollars just blast the entire area with postcards in your mail. So your mailman will deliver these cards right to your door. They are a creative cheaper way of doing things. Certain cities have been seeing these go on for years now. I’ll some new investors are just getting into it. Plenty of these investors use door hangers as an excellent tactic to reach motivated sellers. Like the direct mailer or postcard, it will have a short little note on it, and they’ll hang it on your door.

Social media platforms

Social media has become a massive part of many people’s lives. Even the older generation has joined Facebook. While most people turn to Twitter for their news nowadays. Some people are constantly tweeting out new information that has become a tremendous source to find out what is going on. There are so many different Facebook groups out there that people are reconnecting and connecting with people they would have never had done before. Since social media is such a robust and powerful tool. Plenty of investors have turned to this for marketing.

What they do is they will tailor and add to a particular area, targeting motivated home sellers. Paying a few thousand or a couple hundred to run an ad is something many investors are doing. Facebook has been huge for this because you can select the area you choose to run the added. It is a way an investor can pick a location of their choosing and attempt to find motivated sellers. We have found that this has been a very efficient way for plenty of investors to find people looking to sell their homes. You can make the ads contain almost anything you like or make even a short video explaining what type of homeowner you are looking to connect with.

Websites and Google ads

We found that this one is more for the seasoned investor. The reason being is that we found that building a steady website generating leads takes plenty of time. There’s a lot of work behind setting the website up, writing content, and creating a name for yourself. Since Google does not just allow anybody to rank high. You really expect the investors that know what they’re doing to be on top. Even those doing it for a long time know how to get highly ranked on Google. Google ads are very similar because you need plenty of money to run them. It’s not just something you can put a couple hundred dollars into and get results. They have to be run for a long time, and some money has to be spent to receive tangible results. So if you’re a seasoned investor, you know what we are talking about.

Looking to participate in real estate

Everyone has to start out somewhere; most of us start from the beginning with limited resources. If you are looking to get into real estate for the first time, make sure you have a solid game plan for getting involved. Yes, you do need some money to get started, so start saving if you don’t have it. Just about anybody can invest in real estate, though. You just have to have a game plan and know what you’re doing. Plenty of people look towards mentors and help them get started. There are plenty of mentors out there willing to train people to achieve their first deal. If you are considering real estate, stop procrastinating & get started today. The real estate market is at a significantly heightened peak right now. Finding motivated sellers should be your first move. Most investors had to start somewhere as well. Mentors can be a great start and figuring out which direction you want to head in real estate. There are many different ways for individuals to earn money, such as real estate agents, real estate investors, and even wholesaling. Finding motivated sellers is what each of these real estate branches looks to do every day. There’s always a constant struggle to find that person looking to sell at the right price. Best of luck to all the new investors & don’t ever give up; real estate investing takes time to achieve success!

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