Differences between Mass Communication and Journalism: Find Your Calling

Are you seeking a career in media but confused about the plethora of courses in the same? Many aspirants normally get confused between journalism and mass communication as both are top-rated courses; however, both are pretty interlinked courses and also lead to different careers. Before you finalize getting into the top mass communication college in Delhi NCR, it is better to know the difference between the two top courses to get a better idea of which one to choose.

Difference between mass communication and journalism

  • Mass communication and journalism – MEANING

Mass communication is all about media theories and practice and covers fields like public relations, print media, broadcast media, advertising, and new media. It manages the transmission of a message to everyone through media like papers, radio, magazines, TV, etc., and deals with media effects and influence in society and international communication.

 Journalism is the art of writing and reporting for media, copy editing, interviewing, etc. The field focuses on the arrangement and transmission of news through print media, electronic media, and magazines. It also aims to offer an unbiased piece of information to the viewers.

  • Mass Communication and Journalism – COURSE STRUCTURE and CAREER OPPORTUNITIES

The vital part of the difference between the two lies in their course structure and the respective career options that lead to them. However, the course structure varies from institute to institute, yet the common aspects of these courses are blown :

Mass communication courses cover a broader list of domains, including journalism, PR, advertising, content writing, research mythology, photography, filmmaking, medium of communication, event management, etc. career options after completing courses from a top mass communication college in Delhi NCR are

  • Advertisement and Branding
  • Film Making
  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Public Relations
  • Radio Jockey, Video Jockey
  • Journalism
  • Content Writing and Development
  • Event Management
  • Wedding Planning
  • Creative Direction
  • Sound Mixing and Recording

The journalism course covers topics like introduction and history of journalism, mediums of journalism, news collection, news reporting, writing and editing, news circulation, and day-to-day updates. After completing the course, you can have many career options in hand like :

  • TV News Reporter
  • Newspaper Reporter News Editor
  • Proof-reader
  • Content Developer
  • Digital Media Journalist
  • News Presenter
  • Photojournalist
  • Translator
  • News Presenter
  • Camera Manager
  • Creative Designer
  • Researcher
  • Producer
  • Set Manager
  • The key difference between the two- Mass Communication and Journalism

Mass communication is the field in which the circulation of information to a wide range of the populace is its primary function. On the other hand, journalism needs investigation and coverage of any incident, its occurrence, and other contemporary affairs via mass media like print and new media so that the population worldwide can know what is happening worldwide. Mass Communication tries to reach as many people as possible by using diverse ways termed as media. It uses one or all forms like audio machines, audio-visual mediums, and printed images. The key difference among them is the content, the nature of the communication, and its sole purpose. Content means whether the message is to promote a selling process through advertising, to provide relevant information through news, or else designed to promote amid corporate bodies and multiple audiences through PR.

There is a key difference between both the programs and out of the two, Mass Communication is a much broader field. After completing their degree from a top mass communication college in Delhi NCR, a mass communication graduate can substitute for becoming a  Journalism graduate. While journalism and mass communication have many overlapping similarities, they are different from each other in many aspects, as both serve different purposes and practice various methods to attain their respective objectives. BA – JMC (Journalism & Mass Communication) program offered by Jagannath University Delhi NCR is ideal. The department in the university has developed state-of-the-art facilities for students and also offers internships and placement for students for better employability.

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