Different Fasteners That Are Available of Silicon Bronze Material

Silicon bronze materials are actually brass alloy that contains a good quantity of silicon. This material has many superior corrosion-resistant properties because of the presence of silicon.

Any silicon bronze hex bolt can easily be welded, joined, soldered, and also be cast. Besides, fasteners produced from this kind of alloy will offer good resistance against corrosion and also have high tensile strength as well as formability properties. You can buy them from Fair Wind Fasteners.

Generally, silicon bronze has got a little higher density than stainless steel. Most woodworkers would prefer to use silicon bronze bolts because of their better looks. These fasteners can resist deformation because of their high tol

There are different types such as the bolts and nuts, screws, studs, threaded rods, washers and others. The Silicon Bronze Stud is used in tight spaces with no nuts to be applied on them. The stud can come with one sided threads or both sided threads as well. These fasteners are made from the 651 alloy of silicon bronze. The C65100 Alloy Fasteners exhibit high corrosion resistance due to the high copper content. The 4% silicon is responsible for the toughness and strength in these fasteners. They can be used under acidic and chloride ion conditions as well. The C65500 High Silicon Bronze Bolts come with improved toughness and less ductility.

era nce to cycle loading and also any fatigue-induced stress.

Because of a few properties of silicon bronze e.g. electrically conductive, non-magnetic, high strength, and also extremely corrosion-resistant make these bolts an excellent choice for several applications like:

  • Used on boats where corrosion resistance needed from seawater
  • Used in an electrical generation or various power and energy industries for their high strength, highly conductive, and corrosion resistance property
  • Also, used in general construction, near the environment that is close to the seaside or any other corrosive environment
  • Used in various water treatment plants, as they can resist corrosion because of chlorine or any other treatment chemicals
  • For electrical grounding also it is preferred
  • Used on levees, dams, and dikes, where they will not corrode and can easily be removed after years.

The following are a few different types of hardware and fasteners available of silicon bronze material:

  • Alloy flange nuts
  • Alloy UNC socket head cap screws
  • Alloy UNC threaded rod
  • Silicon and Aluminium bronze coach screw
  • Silicon and Aluminium bronze metric threaded rod
  • Silicon and Aluminium bronze self-drilling screw
  • Silicon and Aluminium bronze socket set screws
  • Aluminum silicon bronze hex nuts
  • Bronze pan head slotted
  • Pan Head
  • Silicon bronze 6-lobe pin
  • Silicon bronze alloy 2-hole
  • Silicon bronze alloy coach screw
  • Silicon bronze alloy hex set screws
  • Silicon bronze alloy spring washers
  • Silicon bronze alloy stud
  • Silicon bronze alloy wing nuts
  • Silicon bronze barrel nut
  • Silicon bronze BSF / BSW threaded rod
  • Silicon bronze button head sockets
  • Silicon bronze carriage bolts
  • Silicon bronze coach screw
  • Silicon bronze countersunk sockets
  • Silicon bronze dome nuts
  • Silicon bronze flat washers
  • Silicon bronze hex bolts
  • Silicon bronze hex head coach screw
  • Silicon bronze lock nuts
  • Silicon bronze low head socket head cap screws
  • Silicon bronze lug nuts
  • Silicon bronze pan head
  • Silicon bronze pan head self-tapping screws
  • Silicon bronze penny washers
  • Silicon bronze roofing bolts
  • Silicon bronze socket shoulder screws
  • Silicon bronze socket shoulder screws
  • Silicon bronze square nuts
  • Silicon bronze studs
  • Silicon bronze T nuts

The above is a brief list of a few of the hardware and fasteners that are available for this type of material and also its other alloys. The list can go on and on. The best thing would be to visit the website of Fair Wind Fasteners and identify your requirement and place your order.

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