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We all want our precious things, persons, and other things to be well protected. Especially when it comes to the person you love the most. All you want is to make sure that they are safe, but what about the times they are not with you?

How can you ensure their safety then? Well, in that case, you can have their location tracked. And for that, you can use It is a live location tracking tool that will provide you with the live location of the person you are worried about.

But, let’s face it, after all, it is just a machine made with technology right? So there can be any issue with it too. To avoid this issue, you must have some alternatives to this tool, and here’s a list of some best alternatives to

Alternatives to the

Google Maps

Who hasn’t heard of Google Maps? One of the most reliable and most used location tools, and one of the best alternatives to, without a doubt.

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Find My Phone

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that finding my phone is the best location tracking tool. As the name says, it is very useful too when your phone gets stolen or lost as you can easily get the live location of your device with this tool.


Life360 is also one of the most popularly used location-tracking apps, the distinctive part about this tool is that it also provides an in-message sharing feature.


The good part about FamilyLocator is that it offers regular notification alerts to keep you aware of the person you are tracking the location of.

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