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Do You Know What to Bring While Contacting A Notary?

Notary Public fee in London are commonly assumed to be fixed, however, they are not. According to Faculty Office standards, a Notary Public must charge a reasonable fee for the notarial services provided.

GKG Apostille is a notary London available, who can offer you the necessary notary services as needed by you. 

However, when the economic crisis “bite,” here are five more suggestions to help you get the most out of your Notarial services:

  • You must check whether your Notary practice is going to charge VAT too, as this can increase the price by almost 15% of the price that you pay.
  • Always get a fee quote before visiting as in most notarial matters your London Notary Public can tell you what fees will be charged before the meeting
  • A third-party fee, such as embassy fees and courier fees payable to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is also required by the London Notary Public to complete the legalization procedure.
  • You may speak to several other notaries too, as the fees charged are not the same for all notaries.
  • Find out whether you need to pay in advance or immediately after the job is done.

Also, you need to bring the following while meeting a notary in London.

  1. Your ID

Any valid ID proof that was given by the Government e.g. your valid passport or your driving license, or any other kinds of ID issued having your photo.

  1. Your address proof

Your bank statement or utility bill will be considered a valid address proof and your driving license cannot be considered an address proof.

  1. All the original documents

You must bring all relevant documents in original.

  1. Check further what may be needed from your receiving party

Check with the individual who is requesting the notarized paper to see what is needed. They will be able to tell you what is acceptable in your destination country.

  1. Bring all your supporting documentation

If you are signing an affidavit, do not forget to bring any exhibits that are mentioned in the document. Have you completed all mandatory fields on any forms? This is going to save your time at the appointment, but please remember not to sign the document until the notary is there.

  1. Confirm any specific requirements

Before your appointment, let the notary understand if you have any special requests. They will be able to suggest the best course of action and whether you will need to carry in any other evidence to have your document notarized.

Educational documents used in Taiwan, for example, will require an additional line mostly in the notarial certificate confirming that the notary has contacted the issuing organization and verified the document’s legitimacy.

You need to allow sufficient time for the whole process as it can make your process cheaper. You must make sure that you leave sufficient time to get all your document/s properly notarized and legalized. Also, please note that your educational documents have to be properly verified before being notarized and the timescale may always vary based on the issuing authority.

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