Dogecoin’s influence brought the rise to other meme coins

People have been talking about DOGE since 2013, so you can expect a similar story when they’re finally allowed to join the mainstream. In addition to DOGE, other meme currencies were launched, including ShibaInu, SafeMoon, Hoge Finance, Mona Coin and Hokkaido Inu.

ShibaInu (SHIB)

The Shibonee Network is a new cryptocurrency that was created in 2019. Like bitcoin, its creator is anonymous. This is a cryptocurrency that was modelled after DOGE. It’s also been called the “Dogecoin killer”, but experts don’t think it will have much of an effect on the price

The digital coin price predictions are very accurate and useful. The SHIB is predicted to only rise a little more by the end of this year. In addition, SHIB’s recent intense growth has been impressive, but many analysts don’t believe that it will reach the $1 mark anytime soon.


A Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token that’s on the Binance Chain. It’s been launched in 2021 and aims to help with issues relating to price volatility in cryptocurrencies. This meme tokens has a market cap of $2.2 billion and is maintaining it and even increasing in its price.

In order for us to keep the transaction fees low for our customers, we’ve made the fee structure a little more complicated, so the people who are selling are being given a 10% penalty tax fee for their transactions.

Hoge Finance (HOGE)

HODL is the DeFi brother of DOGE that runs on the Ethereum platform. It was launched in 2020, and like DOGE, began as a joke. The more people are using this asset, the more fun it will be to trade on Uniswap and, as a result, it’s getting more popular and used for trading.

For every buy and sell transaction there is always a token burn and the holder gets a share of the transaction.

Mona Coin (MONA)

It’s been dubbed ‘the world’s first feline emoji’, and the creators say that it aims to ‘make you smile. It was launched by someone named Watanabe and is available for free. Pokémon Go is a highly popular mobile game developed by Niantic Inc., which launched worldwide on July 6, 2016.

In Japan, it’s accepted as a form of payment in many stores (both online and offline) and has received approval from the Financial Services Agency. Bitcoin is known for creating blocks in just 1.5 minutes, which is much faster than the 10-minute process used by most other digital currencies.

Hokkaido Inu (HOKK)

After a spark in the crypto market by Dogecoin and ShibaInu, HOKKFi developed their token to come into the crypto market. It is also a “dog-themed” meme token named after a Japanese dog breed Hokkaido Inu(HOKK). It made a huge mark in in the market by reaching an 800 million market cap just one month after it was introduced.

It has some huge plans ahead to change the face of the meme token franchise. For information about this incredible meme project visit 

Tiger King ($CAT) 

Tiger king meme token is a new social media meme that is getting a lot of attention and being shared by people all over the world.Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue is a nonprofit organization which allows visitors to buy merchandise or online experiences from the cats and the sanctuary

Baskin herself stated that she was investigating crypto in general, because of concerns over the volume of dollars being printed and distributed.CAT is not a currency for investment, but there are other currencies like gold and platinum coins that are used as investment opportunities.

Are there use cases for these tokens?

Some of them are already used because they’re widely used for other purposes. Mona (MONA) has been approved for use by the Japanese Financial Services Agency. Additionally, the money raised from this Kickstarter will be used to pay for Baskin’s big cat sanctuary, which he founded to help protect tigers from human predators.

Amazon recently launched a new feature in its mobile app, called “Prime Now,” which allows customers to order groceries and household items. It is very popular and even the market leader for meme tokens but still there are not many use cases for DOGE. While it has been accepted as a legitimate form of exchange by certain merchants, it’s still a long way off full adoption as a currency substitute.

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Will memes make you rich?

As I read his story of Crypto, I was amazed at the man’s dedication and tenacity. Experts recommend that you invest only what you can afford to lose when it comes to investing in crypto.

Additionally, meme coins aren’t likely to make you rich anytime soon. In Trading Education, they say that the supply of DOGE is not limited. As the demand increases, so does the supply. This has resulted in a decrease in the price, and so DOGE will have a difficult time reaching a higher value.

Whether it’s a get-rich-quick scheme or not, if you’re investing in a long-term goal like building a business online. Don’t take out a second mortgage to invest in DOGE. 

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