Easy Fix to Stop YouTube from Pausing

YouTube is usually a very good application through which you can watch different videos and songs. The application is a very good one as it has always satisfied its users and there are very less instances where the application stops functioning properly. A problem that many YouTube users face while they are using the application is youtube stopping and starting.

While the reason for this problem can be numerous, it is important to focus on the solution for the issue. We are going to tell you some of the very common solutions that will help you if you are thinking why does my YouTube keep pausing.

Troubleshooting Methods to Stop YouTube from Pausing

There are some simple solutions that you can use when you encounter this problem with your application and you can use any of these methods as all of them are authentic and reliable. 

Solution 1: Close the YouTube Auto-Pause Feature

The most common reason for this problem can be the Auto-Pause Feature of YouTube. This auto-pause feature of the application is recently introduced to remind the users that they should not use the application for too long. You need to turn off the Auto-Pause feature of YouTube to stop YouTube from pausing too much.

Solution 2: Browser Issues

If you are using the application on any web browser and YouTube stops automatically then, this can also happen if the browser you are using is not working properly. To counter this issue, you need to use the YouTube application or shift to a browser that is compatible with YouTube.

Solution 3: Internet Issues

If you are thinking about why YouTube suddenly stops then it can be because of internet issues. The application needs a good internet connection and this is why you should ensure a good network for your application.

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