What Are Snapchat Streaks And Why Do They Matter?

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Snap chat streaks are something that has gathered a lot of attention and popularity among the users who are using Snapchat but if you are one of those users who are still not able to figure out what are streaks then this is the blog for you as we are going to tell you about this. 

So, let us begin to know about how to start a streak on Snapchat then let us begin with it so that you can learn about it. Actually, Snapchat streaks are a thing that indicates how many days you were able to send streaks or snaps to your friend and it depicts your consistency as well. 

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How to Get Streaks on Snapchat?

The users need to keep sending streaks every day or you can say every 24 hours so that you are able to maintain the streaks and this will also solve your problem of how to get streaks on Snapchat? But there are many things that won’t help you to maintain a streak and you as a user should know about these so let us get to know about it. 

Snapchat’s streaks feature has the potential to be quite addictive. Perks like this are designed to keep young people glued to the application. In a study of roughly 7,000 teen chat users, Snapchat was voted as the most popular social media app for U.S. teens by a 68 percent majority.

  1. Chatting with your friend 
  2. Sending a picture or a video not in the form of snaps then it will not work 
  3. If you will send your snaps to the users from the memories then also it won’t work for you 
  4. Add the stories to your Snapchat account which you want to. 
  5. Any videos which you are using to record any Snapchat spectacles. 

After reading this we hope that you were able to get to know about how streaks work on Snapchat and you were also able to make and fix all the things from Snapchat which you want to and the information we were able to solve your problem for you.

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