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16 Best Electric Type Pokemon From All Generations Ranked

Collection of Fast, most strong Pokemons is categorized as Electric Type Pokemon. Read all details about them ranked from top to Bottom.

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List of electric Pokemons
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There are different types of Pokemon in all generations which are easy to categorize by using different terms. But this article is all about Electric Type Pokemon. Some of the Pokemon from different generations are very fast, strong, and hard to categorize. We choose 16 different Pokemon with different abilities that fit them into Electric Category.

Many Pokemon which fans may consider to be part of this list are not included because of their different abilities. Our list is short and only important Pokemon with abilities or stats which are closed to Electric-type are added. Different videos are added with every entry to explain about these Pokemon, their strength, and allow users to watch them live.

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List of electric Pokemon

1- Jolteon

Jolteon is the perfect choice for more players because of speed, angry mode & best-attacking capabilities. To win against anyone, you need this kind of Pokemon on your site who can strike with the speed of electricity. It’s weak compare to some other Pokemon & can’t take many hits. But attacking benefits of this Pokemon makes it a perfect choice for defeating any powerful enemies. In other words, weak enemies cant survive its 1st few attacks, we consider it the best Electric Pokemon ever.

You must know some other important benefits of this Jolteon which can help it survive against enemies. For example, it can use a special ability to leave the battleground while damaging with the help of the Volt Switch option. It can also regenerate its HP power is hit by an electric charge. Any player who knows how to keep it safe when fighting, Jolteon is the perfect choice to be added ion their team.

2- Magenzone

Magenzone is not just an electric type Pokemon but also you can consider it Steel Type which provides it high resistance. Another important benefit of this Pokemon is to stop the enemy from using Steel Type powers with the help of a Magnetic pull. Strong attacks always make it possible to defeat enemies easily.

But similar to most other electric Pokemon, Magenzone is weak with less defense against any attack. The best strategy to use this type of Pokemon is early attack & use all their abilities as soon as possible. Giving enemies chances to attack against these Pokemon is very dangerous because of weak defense.

3- Toxtricity

Special Pokemon from Sword and Shield with different abilities to handle fights. It can evolve into 2 different types, Low Key and Amped. Both types are completely different from each other on the base of their move sets. Unlike other Pokemon, no one can poison Toxtricity which is a special ability connected to it. Some strong attack moves & amazing defense capabilities make it the best Electric-type Pokemon on our list. Adding it to your list if very important sometimes to fight against a special kind of Pokemon with Poison attacks.

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4- Ampharos

Very poor and weak Pokemon and everyone almost ignores it to be added into their list. In simple words, you can lose it anytime in battle with other Pokemon with little better abilities. But there is a reason to include it on our list. If a player can waste 1 turn to Mega evolve it and convert to the beast with too much high attack power points, this slow Pokemon can become perfect to defeat enemies.

Unlike some other Electric Pokemon in our list, the defense of mega Ampharos is vert strong. You can use it against any enemy because of its ability to fight well and also defend with a lot of strength. Mega can also gain Dragon-type ability which can provide its strength to cover more enemies. This is the perfect choice to be added to your team if you look at its overall benefits. Never try to use it without Mega features because you will lose it easily without damaging any enemy.

5- Eelektross

Most powerful Pokemon on our list with a complete set of different abilities. Unlike all other Electric Pokemon, this one can not just attack well but defend against any attack too. Every team must include it to fight against any enemy. It’s almost impossible to find any kind of weaknesses in this type of Pokemon.

Most of the time it’s good for ground attacks and able to compete with every strong enemy. The resistance level of Eelektross gives it a perfect advantage to defend against any Pokemon and all kinds of attacks. Watch the above video to find about all stats for this Pokemon with a guide to play perfectly.

6- Arctozolt

Arctozolt is another Pokemon which is very slow compare to all kind of enemies. But there are some abilities which are useful when attacking against enemy moves. There are some hidden secret abilities to this Pokemon which players can use against enemies and all those players who ignore it. If you look at overall stats for this Pokemon, it’s a really amazing choice to be added to your list.

7- Rotom-Wash

There are a lot of benefits if you can pair this Pokemon with Levitate. Mainly its best Electric or Water Type Pokemon but pairing with Levitate provide it more resistance & makes it less exploitable. This Pokemon is best against all kinds of threats from the ground to the terrifying offensive. Levitate and Rotom work together and handle different kinds of attacks against different enemies.

But low HP stats for this Pokemon is a big problem to defend against different kinds of attacks by other strong enemies. It can also take too much time to recover and methods are very few. It can handle almost all kinds of attacks but defending against powerful enemies is almost impossible sometimes. Overall its a great choice to be added to the team if players know how to use it in defense mode & defeat enemies using fewer moves.

8- Dracozolt

Dracozolt is a combination of 2 different Pokemon from previous generations. Consider it like Fusion Pokemon because 2 past pokemon which are no longer available are all merged together. Its attack and defence stats are almost equal which makes it a perfect choice to be added to the team. Speed is the medium level which is acceptable with its strength against different enemies. Overall, it looks very scary and dangerous Pokemon with a lot of abilities to defend, attack & considered as the best Electric Pokemon on our list.

9- Manectric

Another powerful and amazing angry Pokemon with Electric Type. The most important body part of this Pokemon is the mane which is used to collect Electric from the atmosphere and also discharge all the time. You can see thunderclouds on its head which are very frightening sometimes. One major problem of this Pokemon is a weakness in long fights. It’s better if players can use it against enemies with fewer movies or enemies who can win easily after some time because of its weak defense.

10- Electivire

Electivire is very useful in certain situations if players know how to use it properly in battles. There are a lot of high attack electric type moves as important features of this Pokemon. Earthquake and Flamethrower are powerful attacks that can break down enemies with less resistance. Speed is also perfect which is a great advantage against many other types of Pokemon.

11- Galvantula

Grass-type Pokémon are a good defense against moves of Electric Type Pokemon. Galvantula is a speedy bug especially if the enemy is planning to use Gross Type Pokemon to encounter electric type Pokemon. It can lower the defense of enemies with speed & other abilities. But there are some other abilities which also allow them to fight against all different kinds of other Pokemon. Overall, adding Galvantula into the team is always beneficial for players.

12- Vikavolt


Another bug electric type Pokemon which can defend itself against any threat. It includes moves like Roost which help them to stay healthy when playing from start to end against enemies. Unfortunately, it’s very slow and gives enemies more chances to plan & attack using different strategies. Its power attack is very dangerous with too many hit points making it strong against every other Pokemon.

13- Luxray

Luxray is completely different from all other electric-type Pokemon because its more of a physical attacker, not a special one. This kind of Pokemon mostly uses their body strength to defeat others instead of special abilities. Speed and defense are weak points for this Pokemon & it cant compete against most powerful enemies with special abilities. But there is another form of this Pokemon known as Shinx which is very strong against gym leaders. Most players use their special form to fight against powerful enemies only.

14- Heliolisk

Heliolisk is popular because of its high speed and over 100 attack points against enemies. One of the best attackers who always hit first against enemies and they can really feel it. There are a lot of movies which are part of this Pokmon abilities. Restoring health is a very cool move as part of its special abilities. Most Pokemon cant heals very fast compare to Heliolisk and that’s a major advantage of it.

15- Alolan Golem

Alolan Golem is different from normal Golem and also more effective too. It can learn the ground move, earthquake, and use against different steel enemies. Magnet pull ability is very important because it stops all-steel enemies from leaving the battle ground. Its electric ability can easily damage the steel type badly. It’s also naturally handy against ice and bug because of special abilities. Overall it’s a very powerful Pokemon who can learn different abilities and improve game level against all kinds of enemies.

16- Lanturn

Lanturn is a fish-like Pokemon which is very important for the team sometimes. There are a lot of different special moves and abilities as part of this Pokemon which player can use to fight against enemies. If you talk about different movies, this Pokemon is very cool with some powerful dangerous moves to change the whole battles scenario.

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Top Posts on the Same Topic

Really cool articles are written on the same topic but only 2 of them are chosen for our users to explore. Article on The Gamer explains about 15 different Electric Pokemon & Another article on Nintendo Enthusiast provide a list of 10 Pokemons. Images for each Pokemon are added for every entry in their article. You can find only videos in our article but we suggest you visit the above 2 articles for images.


Pokemon become very famous in the last decade & millions of players love to play it. All Pokemon from different generations are categorized into different types. A few popular types are Fire Type Pokemon, Normal Type Pokemon, Water Type Pokemon, Flying Type Pokemon, Bug Type Pokemon, Fighting Type Pokemon & Ghost Type Pokemon. Sometimes you can find few Pokemon are included in different categories. It’s all about a Pokemon and their too many different abilities. We can categorize one Pokemon for different similar Categories.

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