Budget-friendly Ways To Improve Your Property Value In Kent

Want to increase the value of your property in Kent? There are many budget-friendly things you can do to enhance its appeal. The price you pay for the home will have an impact on its overall value. How can you improve the value of a new home? This blog post takes a look at some of the most popular and cost-effective ways to improve your property value in Kent.

The first impression

Remember buyers aren’t just looking for a nice house – they’re looking for a potential home. And an unkempt exterior can be a huge turnoff. Spruce up your lawn – mow it and trim the edges, tend to your garden and ensure pathways are swept clean. There’s no better way to ensure an inviting interior than with a striking front door. A lick of paint or even bright flowers in pots will do the trick. Estate agents in Sittingbourne Kent and all property experts say if you have pets, it’s always best to keep them out of the way during viewings if possible, as not everyone is comfortable around animals. If you have no choice but to be home during viewings or open houses, introduce pets to strangers slowly, making sure all dogs are on leash and cats are contained in one room of the house. 

Well kept garden

When it comes to increasing the value of a property, we often overlook the garden. However, according to recent research, buyers can be put off by a poorly maintained outdoor space, and this may have a negative impact on the price. The survey from Direct Line Home Insurance revealed that 72% of respondents would not buy a property if it had an overgrown garden. The average Brit spends around 1.5 hours per week tending to their garden, but despite this, 20% of respondents admitted that they never mow their lawn! Just as you would inside your home, you should keep your garden clean and tidy so it looks appealing to potential buyers. Mow the lawn, trim overgrown plants and bushes and get rid of any weeds or moss. You can also add extra value with some well-positioned pot plants – just make sure they’re maintained too! For such beautiful houses in Sittingbourne, you can connect with Sittingbourne estate agents.

Clear the clutter

When you go through each room and start clearing, you may be surprised at how much stuff you don’t use or need. The best way to keep your property clutter-free is to have a designated space for everything—from keys and mail to shoes and bags—so nothing ends up on the floor or kitchen surfaces. If you live in an area with high rents or short availability of rented properties, you could consider renting a storage unit for just £1 per week or £4 per month if you rent long-term. Simply move your seldom-used possessions into storage until you move house. When you declutter the house will look bigger and more spacious which helps in adding value to your property.

Clean up and de-personalise

It should go without saying that any home, whether on or off the market, should be kept immaculately clean at all times. But as soon as you decide to sell, it’s also important to de-personalise your property as much as possible. Take down family photos and replace them with generic prints; these won’t offend anybody, but they could help buyers to imagine living in the house themselves. You may also want to think about storing some of your more eccentric ornaments and ornaments away in a box until the sale has been completed.

Replace tiles and fixtures in bathroom

It is important to stay on top of jobs around the house that will add value to your property, so if you’re looking at selling up in the future you can get a good price for it. One of the best rooms to start with when it comes to adding value is your bathroom – as this is where most estate agents will advise you to start. A fresh new bathroom suite and re-tiling will add a lot of value to your home, especially if you have an outdated or old fashioned look currently.

Improve the kitchen

Another room worth considering is your kitchen – as this will always be one of the main areas that potential buyers will look at. This room doesn’t need major renovation work – but new units and fixtures can really make a difference. A kitchen is often the heart of the household, so it makes sense that people want a modern kitchen when they buy a property.

Buyers will pay extra for good-quality bathrooms and kitchens. Homebuyers are prepared to pay more for a house with a beautiful bathroom or kitchen, according to a survey by MoneySuperMarket. The research showed that potential buyers would pay up to 3% extra for a property with a beautiful bathroom or kitchen – which could add an extra £7,500 onto the value of your home if it is worth £250,000.

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