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Top 8 Games Like Xcom 2 – Best List of Turn-Based Tactics Games

Games Like Xcom 2 – Read info about Turn-Based Tactics and best alternatives which include similar features or even better.


Introduction to Xcom 2
Details about Similar Games
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Introduction to Xcom 2

Xcom 2 is one of the best Turn-Based Tactics Game. In this game, all events are happening 20 years after the previous version. There is a dangerous military organization that fights against alien invasion but lose. Now Earth is fully conquered by these aliens and this organization is fighting against them as freedom fighters. But they also build their dictatorship gov to rule all remaining humans.

There are 2 parts of the game, one is where players command soldiers to fight against the enemy and others where the player must manage and control a complete strategy plan against alien invasion. Many new features are introduced in this game which makes this version better than its previous game. Graphic system and a lot of changes are added to this game which is the main reason players really love this game a lot.

In turn-based systems, the layer can order different human soldiers to kill all enemies on specific maps or complete different side objects. In most missions, players must complete all objectives within fix turns which is always very challenging for them. Maps are generated on a random base which means every time player plays any map, it’s completely different from previous because of buildings and terrain. There are also 4 different levels in which the player can choose to start this game. Those who are completely new to the game, must choose a low level where the enemy is less hard on you. But when someone becomes an expert, playing with really high-level competition settings is always best.

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There is a complete campaign which the player can choose to play. after they are done with it, another mode is enabled where players can enjoy the game with some more features. Another important feature allow players to create new missions and upload them to the steam community.

Strategy and management is a very important part of the game where the player can order engineers to research on new tech captured after completion of missions. It can unlock too many new weapons and also help players a lot of in-game. This research facility is built inside an alien ship which is main point to control all resistance.

Details about Similar Games

1- Phoenix Point

Phoenix Points is one of the perfect Games Like Xcom 2 because of the main story and gameplay system almost the same for both. It’s set in the near future where aliens are destroying the human race on Earth. Players must fight against them in the world, save themselves, and also the whole human race from this threat.

There are too many humans factions fighting with each other because of the limited resources available. You must become part of this battle and there is no mercy for humans too because of its game of survival. Aliens are very intelligent and they can upgrade their system and manage to survive against humans weapons with time. It means better and improved weapons are required for you to use throughout the game.

As per the main story behind this game, these are not some kind of aliens who came from some other planets. Scientists discover something a few years before & it was made of a material which no one ever has seen before. But it was a virus which soon starting to spread everywhere by converting different kinds of birds, animals and also those species who live in sea to aliens form. Now, these weird kinds of virus affected species are trying to remove everyone come in their path. They are also changing their main system and upgrading it to reach the highest level like humans.

2- Gears Tactics

Very similar games like Xcom2 where players order different soldiers to eliminate threats on map. It’s similar to what happens in Xcom 2. Gears Tactics is the best alternative to the Xcom game series. Each character in-game can perform 3 different actions commanded by the player, kill everyone come to their sight, take cover, or attack enemies.

There are some different kinds of holes in this game where more enemies are coming all the time. You must understand how much its important to destroy those holes to stop enemies from coming to kill your soldiers in-game. If any enemy unit loses its all health, any soldier can go there and kill him to get a lot of bonus points for everyone. A perfect character system is created for soldiers in this game. Players can upgrade levels and do some other activities in-game to increase the power of these units to fight well. You may find unique abilities for every single class in-game.

The main story focus on humans living on different kind of planet where some new kind of creature comes from below to kill all humans. All humans who are united are in trouble and trying to survive against this major threat to humanity on that planet. You are part of a crew who is trying to retrieve some important files from a location on the planet, also receives an order to find about an alien scientist who is responsible for creating too many different kinds of weapons for their species.

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3- BattleTech 

Most expansive game created for turn-based strategy type similar to the Xcom series. They add one major campaign with an expansion pack and also multiplayer for playing online. The player assumes the character of a powerful mercenary who control too many different kinds of battle mechs. The world is fully in control of different houses and you must serve one of them to survive. Remember, there are complete customization and setting available for every single Mech in this game.

The main story is set in a future where some powerful houses fight with each to control large important areas. Too many battle Mechs which are drive-by Mech warriors are used in this war. Now there is a large crisis happen everywhere because most of the tech is destroyed by this long war. There are only a few battle Mech are left in the world which serve different houses.

As per the map, there is a very large area in space that is controlled by 5 major houses and some other small weak states. These are always in war with each other to control everything for themself. You can read the full story about this topic which is available on Wikipedia. You must know that its a war with huge Mechs which is different from Xcom but many features are similar in both games.

4- Invisible Inc 

In this game, you are a remote agent of an agency that is attacked by too many dangerous enemies and your target is to shift its important Pc to somewhere safe. Time is very limited and you need to direct against to much covert mission to find some resources which are very important for the success of the mission. Invisible Inc is a stealth base technical game where you work as an agent to complete many different types of missions all over the world.

Some of the missions are about retrieving information, look for equipment, and personal records to complete everything in 3 days. On the start of the game, there are only agents which player can use on different missions. Some agents are captured on a different location, you can free them and add in your team for good. If one agent is dead in-game, they can stay dead till the end of the game or player can revive them using Med or some other ways. But if all of them are dead in any mission, it means players lose it and need to restart the game.

The points system is very important in this game which means the player must use some different points in each turn. Open doors and all other actions are completed with these points. It’s a more popular game that is created by getting the idea from the Xcom series.

5- Xenonauts

Another game which is based on alien invasion and you are saving the whole world. You are the commander of an organization which is trying to fight these dangerous alien set in an alternative universe. There is a lot of turn-based combat involve in this game where players control soldiers or vehicles against aliens on the ground. Most of the system created in this game is adopted from early versions of the Xcom series.

Unlike some other games, every building or structure of any kind is destructible in this game. You can also consider it an improved version of the Xcom series. Too many changes, bug fixes, and many new features make it a better game. Players can now change the starting location of infantry and vehicle at the start of the game.

As per the main story, few aliens ships entered Earth space, and immediately, powerful countries in the world destroy them with nuclear missiles. But everyone realizes that its big threat and they can return again with more power. A new organization is created to fight against it with huge funding from everyone. Noe aliens are back with a large fleet to attack earth. At the start of this invasion, aliens started to focus on the destruction of important military targets all over the world. Xenonauts is able to destroy some of the ships but the alien attack is endless which looks like never-ending soon.

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6- Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus

Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus is built on different concepts where too many different aliens and factions are involved. You must control most powerful army and begin a search on the newly discovered plants where too many different armies of darkness are available. Manage different resources, customize your army, and lot more factors to involve in this game.

Every move player makes can affect what is going to happen next in the mission. There are over 50 carefully designed missions in this game. Many character classes are involved to build the most powerful squad for fighting in this world. But at the start of creating every unit, they are weak and you need to equip them with powerful weapons and also armor which can help them survive dangerous battles.

There is a complete story written for this game which you must through playing games. It’s not some of the random campaigns where a weak like story is created. Most powerful authentic and interesting stories can help players continue playing in-game with a lot of interest. Every single character created for this game provides with unique characteristics and own agenda with perfect graphics.

7- Shadowrun – Dragonfall

Dragonfall was created first as downloadable content for Shadowrun but later released with complete updates as separate. The main concept of this game is similar to Xcom and gameplay or some other features are similar in many ways.

There is a very interesting story behind this game. On the 1st mission, players join a group of people in Berlin to attempt a raid on the data vault. But the mission goes seriously wrong when they discover military secret base under that building. It was heavily guarded and some members of team get killed when trying to escape.

When they restored to safe houses, they reached only an explanation of this failure that they get set up. Now they try to find someone who actually did that and find some interesting documents from his dead body as someone kills him too. Now they find someone who joins their team as a new member.

We suggest you read this story on Wikipedia where everything from start to end is written with more details. The story is very long and too many details are written which can help you understand how interesting this game is to play. You may think that this game is not too similar to Xcom but some features are very cool which makes it like Xcom.

8- UFO – Alien Invasion

UFO – Alien Invasion is another game that is created after getting a lot of inspiration from the Xcom series. But you must know that its a different game which is not any kind of sequel to Xcom or mod of any kind. Its a completely new creation of a game with its own story which makes it separate from everything else. Fighting against alien invasion is a very important part of this game which you can read from the title.

There are 2 common modes in this game which are Geoscape mode and tactical mode. The first one deals with strategy and management and no battle involved in it. A lot of technology should be researched which is important to use against aliens in battles. Complete management of hiring people are building more facilities is also included in this mode.

In Tactical mode players take command of different soldiers and fight with aliens anywhere they appear on the map. Its turn base fight where both humans and aliens take their turn to use moves. It’s very important to use these moves with a complete strategy to defeat aliens with very less loss of soldiers and resources.

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Top Posts On the Same Topic

Games radar is our favorite site and we already mentioned different articles on our site many times. Read complete article on Games like Xcom 2 with videos and too much information to explain every game properly. A list of 10 games is created on Unleashed Gamer. If you are interesting to buy any game, this site is best for you. You can not just read about 10 games like Xcom 2 but it allows you to buy them directly from different stores on cheap rates.

Pc Gamer discusses some upcoming games which are similar to Xcom 2. Information is not much provided for you but this article is worth reading to find about future games. More then 20 games list is created on Gamer Decide which can provide you with more information compare to our site. Our list is about high quality 8 alternatives but they add too many games that are not even similar to Xcom 2 because of many reasons. But still, it’s a good list to check out many games.

If you are planning to play games like Xcom 2 on mobile, check this article written on Pocket Tactics. Details about each game are well written and properly explained using different screenshots. Another very popular site which is not just providing good information about games but also selling them too. Read the article on Slant where too many screenshots, pros, and cons of any game are provided to help you decide which game is better than other or best alternative to the Xcom series.

Bonus Information about Game

What are some Best Xcom 2 Mods?

Xcom 2 is a very popular game and people are looking for some good mods to improve their gaming experience. Read below short information about some mods which are created for this game. we can’t discuss too much because our main focus is to provide you with a list of best games like Xcom 2.

  1. EVAC ALL – Very important mod for this game where you can just click one time and all soldiers will auto evac from a specific area. There is no need to click every soldier one by one and send them to Evac point. It’s a very important feature which was missed in the original game.
  2. Grimy’s Loot Mod – As you can understand from the name of this mod. It’s a very popular mod that provides the player with a chance to unlock too many different weapons. Visit on the link given at the start of this description and you can read almost every information about this mod with a number of different weapons which are added.
  3. Elerium Grounds – After you continue playing this game, Elerium Core can become a big problem for you. This is completely rare and with the help of this mid, you can now research it easily and fulfill your requirements. Without Elerium Core you may not be able to upgrade a lot of weapons.
  4. Long War 2 Mod – Complete mod with too many features added in-game. Unlike some small changes, this mod includes a lot of updates in-game. There is a longer campaign with over 100 missions normally. The new system allows you to send multiple squads at the same time. They create soldiers’ classes with unique weapons with everyone.
  5. Read the full article on Strategy Gamer where you can read about all popular mods ever created for this game. We just mentioned some of the mods above but you must know the main focus of this article is not mods for Xom 2.

Is Xcom 2 Multiplayer? Is Xcom 2 Co Op? Xcom 2 Multiplayer Co Op

Yes. Its multiplayer game and also there are some missions where you can fight with the help of your partner. Co-op for Xcom 2 is really perfectly created. Unlike other games, you will really enjoy playing online this game with friends.

What is Xcom 2 Difficulty?

There are 4 different levels in which players can choose to play this game. In the Rookie-level, players can complete games more easily as its a less difficult level for new players. In Veteran, the game level is better where it may become hard for you to complete missions. Commander & Legends are for pro-people who are real experts in this game. After continue playing this game and learning, you can finish the game with the 1st 2 levels easily. After that, you must try the hard level to have more fun.

Conclusion for Games Like Xcom 2

Fighting against alien invasion is always a favorite topic for humans. Too many movies are created on this topic, which is actually successful too. Xcom series become really popular because of its perfect gameplay and people love this concept a lot. Above game, the list is about providing you with chance to check more games which are the same as com 2. But you can find out that some games are different in gameplay or in some features from Xcom 2.

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