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Electronic Intermittent Problem – The Easy Way To Repair It

It is easy to solve complex electronic problems, such as no lights or screens. If you know the correct method, such as restoring the equipment, replace the valve. It’s simple and straightforward. But what if you don’t know how to deal with the problem effectively? There are also problems with electronic circuits that can quietly “steal” your precious time. 

The problem you mentioned is a “medium problem”.

According to Dictionary.com, the word “prohibited” means “never operate or operate correctly and incorrectly.” For example, when using the screen, red may automatically fade and reappear. Or tap the screen frame, yes, there may or may not be any electronics and circuitry. It all depends on the circuit design. 

Component quality, environment, etc. 

For some hard-to-fix dogs, the screen works normally for 8 hours and then turns off immediately. When you turn the screen off and on, the screen will reboot for a few hours before turning off again. If you don’t know the correct and complete way to solve this “internal problem”, you will waste time trying to solve it and end up not finding the bug. It’s frustrating to get into trouble sometimes because you don’t know where to start.

The screen vibrates when screwing a screwdriver onto the board (in all directions)! In other words, no matter where you play the board. Some reactions will appear on the screen. You can ask yourself these questions: “Should I check for bigger or smaller trends?” “Should I resell the entire board? Should I replace all the faulty components in a particular circuit?” The questions keep popping up. The answer to your question depends on how you solve it. 

I will highlight all possible ways.

The most obvious problem is when you hit the best multimeter for electronics circuit board with the handle of the screwdriver. For example, if you notice screen colors turning on and off, use hardware to damage the screen. The first thing you need to do is go to the CRT board area. Slowly depress the CRT board with the handle of the screwdriver. You can see the screen return to normal. 

This is an overall problem in a particular location (CRT plate only) where you can easily diagnose and resolve joint problems. (Apply new solder to the connector) Reinsert the CRT board’s socket into the computer tube and remove (remove the multi-tape) the VGA color cable.

Then there’s the issue of thermal interference. 

Components work well in cold weather and cause problems in high temperatures. All we need is a small amount of heat to quickly diagnose the problem. By placing a 100-watt light bulb near the dash, the circuit will heat up in minutes without wasting hours creating problems. You can use the hair dryer to point or focus on the board. Be careful not to overheat the circuit. 

This is because some plastics are easily damaged or melted. If you have heating problems, it’s time to quickly cool down the circuit components with a freezer can or spray cooler. The spray hose is connected to the drive control. This makes it easy to control the spray on the material in one go. When spraying defective or undamaged components at lower temperatures, the average circulating freezing temperature is minus 40°C. It will work fine and the problem will disappear immediately. 

Using this method often helps locate damaged components in the correct location.

Sometimes losing contact inside the relay can cause problems. Touch the relay to see if it changes while the device is on. Be careful not to touch the relay when opening. If you suspect the problem is in the middle. Replacing a new relay Did you know that some technicians turn on relays to provide intercom services through sandpaper? You can try this method if you want.

Some issues are not due to defective content. In fact it is

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