Online Document Storage: 10 Best Cloud Storage Services

There’s a reason why job demand for computer and information technology jobs is expected to increase by 13% over the next decade.

The recent emphasis on cloud storage and big data storage solutions has put a huge demand on these workers. If you require online document storage, cloud solutions are a great way to save money.

But, there are a lot of services to choose from. So, which one best suits your business’s needs? To help you find out, we’ve made this article.

In it, we’ll go over our ten favorite types of cloud storage services. That way, you can decide which option works best for your specific needs.

1. Google Drive

Odds are, you’ve probably heard of Google Drive. This is one of the most popular cloud storage services in the world for online drive space. They offer fifteen gigabytes of storage for free.

If you need more, then you can get 100 gigabytes for only $1.99 per month. However, if you want secure storage, then you might want to consider someone else.

They don’t use end-to-end encryption, which can put your documents at risk.

2. Dropbox

If you plan on sharing your files with employees or a group, you can’t go wrong with Dropbox. That’s thanks to several features that make it easy to share large files.

The recipients don’t need to use Dropbox to access them. Security is dependable on Dropbox and personal plans should provide enough storage for the average user. However, paid plans can get quite expensive.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

Looking for a service that’s well-integrated with Windows? Check out Microsoft OneDrive. With this service, you can edit files right on the cloud without downloading them.

This surface offers one terabyte of storage for Microsoft 365 subscribers. Or, you can pay $1.99 per month for 100 gigabytes of storage. The only problem is that it doesn’t offer many advanced features.

4. IDrive

If you want premium cloud storage, it’s hard to think of a better bang-for-your-buck than IDrive. It only costs $59.62 a year per year to get five terabytes worth of storage.

What’s more, it’s also incredibly easy to use. So, it’s a good option for those that feel intimidated by cloud storage. The only problem is that it has slow download speeds.

5. Zoolz

If you’re storing sensitive documents, you can’t go wrong with Zoolz. It boasts one of the most impressive security systems for cloud storage services.

This is thanks to Advanced Encryption Standard that it has. It’s also compliant with HIPPA and GDPR. No service offers unlimited drive space. But, Zoolz’s 50 terabyte option certainly comes close.

However, this security comes with a cost. It’s more expensive than other storage services and the app is a bit clunky.

6. pCloud

Tired of paying a monthly subscription for your cloud storage solution? PCloud is one of the few companies that offer a lifetime subscription for your storage.

For $175 you get 500 gigabytes of storage. The problem is that it’s not the best service if you plan on collaborating a lot. So we don’t recommend it for individuals that plan on sharing their documents a lot.


If you need terabytes worth of storage for an affordable price, consider going with This option provides you with two terabytes worth of data for $8 per month.

It also comes with zero-knowledge encryption as a standard. And, it’s easy to use. The only problem is it’s a little slow. That makes it not great for people who need to upload massive files.

8. Box

Are you looking for storage solutions designed specifically for your business? If so, Box is the storage service for you. This service comes packed to the brim with advanced features.

There are also strong collaboration options, so it’s no problem sharing documents with employees. However, it can be difficult to use at first, which makes it not ideal for personal usage.

9. Icedrive

Icedrive is a relatively new cloud storage service. It sets itself apart from the competition with its storage system. Instead of using the Advanced Encryption Standard, it uses a Twofish algorithm instead.

While this option is a little slower, many consider it to be more secure than the Advanced Encryption Standard. That makes it another good paid option for people who value security.

10. Koofr

If you run multiple cloud storage systems, keeping track of all of them can be a challenge. Did you store that important document on Google Drive? Or Dropbox. Koofr is the perfect solution for people experiencing this problem.

It allows you to link accounts across a variety of cloud storage solutions. That way, you don’t waste time searching through multiple services for the document you need.

How to Save Money On Online Document Storage

In the past, there was a much greater emphasis on reducing the size of files for document storage. That’s because hard drive space was incredibly expensive.

These days, cloud storage has significantly reduced the cost of online document storage. However, we’re still not keen on paying for space that we don’t need. That’s why we recommend that everyone archive their files and folders before storing them.

This not only reduces their size but also keeps the original relationship between the files intact.

You can do this by using archive solutions like ZIP, RAR, and 7z files. Just make sure you know how to open 7z on Mac before proceeding.

Want More Content? Keep Reading

We hope this article helped you learn more about cloud storage services that can help with online document storage. Remember that the easiest way to save money on this storage is to reduce the size of the thing you’re storing.

So, make sure you optimize all of your files before finding a service. That way, you don’t pay for space that you don’t need. Can’t get enough content?

If the answer is yes, then you’re just like us. That’s why we regularly release great new articles for our readers about the latest trends. So, keep exploring until you get your fill.

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