Fall in love With Your Hair Once Again With Natural Hair Colours

Don’t we all just love shiny healthy hair? While some are lucky to get it naturally, there are others who have to work hard to maintain its quality, strength and length. Healthy hair not only indicates the condition of your health but also gives a boost to your personality and confidence. But with the changing time, increasing work pressure and hectic lifestyle it gets difficult to maintain the health of scalp and hair. In the end, most of the people end up using chemical-based products that leave your lustrous-hair dry and brittle.

So, what can be done? Compromise your hair and continue pumping chemical-based products on your scalp on a daily basis or opt for natural henna color that will rejuvenate your hair. In addition to this, henna hair color will also give an extra oomph factor to your personality.

Why would you opt for organically natural hair colour?

People opt for natural hair colours because of their organicity. Like our parents and grandparents, today even hair experts or grooming establishments across the world are re-introducing henna in packaged form.

Why is natural henna hair color better than chemical-based hair dyes?

  1. Historical significance: Henna has been in use since centuries for drawing tattoos over the skin and for colouring hair. It not just colours hair but also hydrates and conditions it, while shielding it against the harmful UV rays of the sun, dir and pollution. Henna also helps repair damaged hair and keeps dandruff away.

  2. A chemical-free product: The modern way to use henna is plant-based hair dyes. Natural henna for hair products are free from all harmful chemicals. This makes them suitable for even those suffering from allergy-prone or sensitive skin.

Research done in the past few decades show that chemical-based hair dyes may cause deadly side effects, including even skin cancer.

Well-known brands offerings in their henna hair color

The plant-based hair dyes offered by responsible business entities also comprise of natural ingredients like Jojoba, Basil, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Wheat Germ, Aloe Vera, Amla, Sunflower and many more. In natural hair colours Henna works as the primary colouring agent in combination with Indigo, Manjistha and Chamomile. Each of these ingredients play their role in deep cleansing, moisturizing, conditioning and strengthening hair from root to tip.

  1. Treatment for sensitive scalp: Today, more so than ever before in the history of mankind, people have started suffering from sensitive scalp. Products that offer plant materials for hair colouring are some of the best ways to treat such hair and scalp. They are mild and nourish the scalp leaving hair looking healthy and shiny. 

  2. Treatment for damaged hair: People with damaged hair have frizzy, dry and rough hair that break very easily leading to hair loss and baldness. This can be easily changed using an organic hair colour. Remember once your hair is damaged from the roots there is no turning back, but you can always use such natural henna hair colourand make your hair more manageable and less frizzy.  As time passes, you will witness a change in your hair and in the health of your scalp too.

How to find the best natural hair color

It is not only important to use an organic henna hair colour but also to opt for the one that suits your skin tone and looks.

  1. Pick your favourite shades:  Unlike popular belief, plant-derived hair dyes or organic and natural hair dyes can give you a wide variety of shade options that you can choose from, ranging between black-to-brown-to-mahogany. Prefer the shade that suits you, your mood or the occasion best.

  2. People with black hair can also opt for plant-based hair dyes as they are safe and give a natural hue to hair. Companies like Indus Valley offer organically natural and damage-free hair colours.Its gel based hair colours come in six different shades and is also very easy to use. It is specifically made for people with normal hair and skin type. Its hypo allergic aqua colours come in 4 different shades and are specifically made for those with hypersensitive or allergy-prone skin. Besides, the company is also offering 100% pure and organic henna and indigo leaf powders for hair colouring and care.

In conclusion

Connect with our beauty and health experts if you have any queries regarding the same. Connect with your comments below. Till then, stay natural, stay beautiful! 

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