Top Reasons You May Need a Short-Term Auto Policy

Even if you don’t carry a long-term policy, you may still need auto insurance from time to time. Here are some circumstances in which it makes sense to go with short-term coverage.

You Bought a Car

If you’ve just purchased a new or used vehicle, you want to have plenty of time to find the best, most affordable insurance coverage for your fresh set of wheels. However, the moment you drive away in the vehicle you are responsible for insuring it. That’s where 1 week car insurance comes in handy.

Instead of committing to a long-term agreement before you’ve had a chance to shop around, just get a short-term insurance policy that will protect you until you’re ready to sign up for long-term coverage. That will safeguard you and your vehicle while you take the time to make a smart decision about insuring your ride.

You’re Pulling a Vehicle Out of Storage

If you own a vehicle that’s in storage rather than being operated on a regular basis, you may not bother insuring it. In fact, in most states it’s only necessary to cover an automobile that’s registered, and even then, the requirements are minimal.

When the day comes that you want to use the vehicle, even if it’s just for a short road trip or to bring it to a mechanic for a check-up, you may need a full-coverage policy. If you only plan to use the automobile for a brief period, then purchasing short-term insurance is a smart option. Although it can be costly given the short time of effectiveness, getting coverage that lasts for just a few days is usually still less expensive than paying an entire monthly premium. You can even get a policy that covers only the time it takes to travel to the repair shop and back.

You’re Switching Carriers

When it’s time to renew your existing policy, you may have any number of reasons for not wanting to continue working with your current provider. To buy yourself a bit of time in making the switch, purchasing short-term insurance will keep you covered during the gap between your old and new coverage.

You’re Tight on Funds

Short-term coverage isn’t typically an economical choice in the long run, as the cost day-by-day is normally higher than it would be with a monthly policy. However, if you don’t have enough cash on hand to pay for an entire month, covering yourself for a shorter time can get you the protection you need without emptying your pockets. This choice can also be employed to temporarily reduce the amount of coverage you normally carry when you’re short on funds.

Although it’s not usually the best choice if you need continuous coverage, choosing a short-term auto insurance policy makes sense in some cases. If you have a new vehicle, are pulling yours out of storage, are in between carriers, or are just low on funds, obtaining insurance that covers only a few hours or a few days can be a good option.

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