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Sugar Land Independent School District serves the city of Sugar Land and unincorporated areas Meadows Place and First Colony as well as Fort Bend County portions Missouri City and Arcola. Their schools are well known for their athletic programs.

Three new FBISD Skyward campuses opened their doors this fall, one named in honor of Alyssa Ferguson – a student who used her Make A Wish grant to build wells in Zimbabwe through Make A Wish.


Middle schoolers have access to a range of careers spanning engineering and culinary arts to health sciences and law enforcement through guest speakers, job shadowing opportunities and internships. High schoolers benefit from James Reese Career and Technical Center where advanced CTE programming allows them to earn industry certifications as well as dual credit in certain program areas.

Gifted students benefit from educational experiences that push and nurture their creativity, critical thinking skills and research abilities – experiences which complement and expand on what they receive in class.

The District’s approach to holistic education also promotes student well-being by supporting social, emotional and mental wellness – something which has earned national and state recognition for our innovation in these areas.

Fine Arts

Every student in the district has access to high-quality fine arts education that fosters self-expression at its core. Through diverse learning experiences, they cultivate enduring character traits while building 21st century skills.

Visual art students develop confidence in their artistic abilities and learn to express themselves creatively using hands-on learning techniques. Furthermore, they gain an in-depth knowledge of art history that aids their studies of this form of expression.

Music programs promote musical excellence with an emphasis on performance and participation, with performing arts students frequently participating in showcases like the spring Fine Arts and Cultural Club Showcase to display their talent and celebrate it. Furthermore, students may enter local or state competitions such as Renaissance Festival Play Days, International Thespians contests, UIL One Act Play competitions or 5A State Theatrical Design events where their skills may be put on display.

Career and Technical Education

Career technical education (CTE) differs dramatically from its predecessor voc-ed programs of yesteryear. Today’s CTE provides learners with skills, mindset, and knowledge for high-wage, high-skill jobs in established as well as emerging industries.

CTE courses differ from traditional school classes in that they emphasize practice and hands-on experience rather than theory. Students learn by doing and apply what they’ve learned through projects that simulate real world environments.

Students also participate in the Enterprise Learning Labs to gain real work-related experience, operating different types of equipment while providing service to customers – they may even earn college credits!

Student Recruitment

Our 5,000-strong teaching staff strives to inspire and equip students for futures they cannot even envision. Recruitment of exceptional educators is ongoing throughout the year.

FBISD offers innovative programming options at the high school level. Their Early College High School (ECHS) program combines high school and college coursework, providing students with up to 60 hours or two years worth of tuition-free college credits while still receiving their high school diploma.

District 51 provides Texas’ inaugural Piano Technician Certification program, open to students from grades 8-12 who apply through ECHS application processes for consideration for this unique opportunity.

Extended Day

FBISD’s Extended Day program (EDP) offers students a safe environment before and after school. EDP provides numerous enrichment opportunities available to all registered students; registration can be done online via EZChildTrack with payment made using credit cards.

Students participating in our spring break program from March 12-16 will have an unforgettable oceanic experience, exploring water conservation measures and natural and man-made disasters, before working for an oil spill cleanup company.

FBISD Child Nutrition will offer Grab and Go meals until Tuesday during its transition to virtual learning, while families must notify the health department if they experience symptoms related to COVID-19 infection or have had contact with someone who tested positive.

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