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Finding Happiness and Moving On Means Facing Your Inner Struggles and Fears

Yoga, detox smoothies, cute outfits, cute pictures posted on social media. Is that all there is?


There is so much happening behind the scenes of every picture, and every social media post.

All these self-proclaimed fitness instructors, gurus, and spiritual guides have it all figured out. They make you believe that they have control, that they live their lives in bliss, and that their days are 100 percent fulfilled.

Well, I hate to break to you, but they too have downfalls, mood swings, and whatnot. Only, it’s their job to motivate others, so naturally, they have to look like a walking positivity vibe. That’s okay.

They are doing their jobs, but that doesn’t mean that we can heal just by doing some yoga or drinking a smoothie or reading a good book, or going shopping. Those things aid our happiness and mental health, but they need to be in alignment with our inner selves. Our emotions, our state of mind. 

For that alignment to happen, you cannot run away from the darkness of your thoughts. You have to get the time to cry, to face your demons, your fears, and your traumas, to heal. Heal. Talking with experts, getting help, and opening up instead of shutting down about how you feel and what’s bothering you is the only way to overcome that inner dissatisfaction and misery. And then, those gurus can help you. Then food can help you. Then hobbies can help you. 

To find the truth, you cannot run away from it because no lie or distraction will help you feel any better – only defining the naked truth, the ugliness, and working your way around it.  

Until you are ready to face it, know that it’s okay to feel lost. It’s okay not to feel as happy as the Instagram pictures people post. It’s okay to not have a life as colorful as those influencers do because neither they have it all taken care of. It’s just their job. It is just pictured. It’s just moments captured and framed, it’s just people hiding behind filters. Know this next time social media is pressuring your soul. 

“The night of the soul comes just before revelation,” – Joseph Campbell. Source: The Power of Silence

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