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Five Features of a VoIP Phone System that Can Benefit Your US Business

If you are using a traditional VoIP phone system for your business communication these days, you are missing the trick. Well, everyone is familiar with the advancement in technology and the advantages it has brought to businesses if used rightly. If you are not using technology, your business can not scale up and you will go out of the competition. So, it is very crucial to use the right communication device to enhance your business calling. And, handling calls through a VoIP phone system can improve your business communication. 

A VoIP phone is much more than a calling device. You can surely receive and make calls but it provides many more other features as well that can enhance your business communication. A VoIP phone works with an internet connection which means that you get a clear voice while on a business call with your client. Being a VoIP caller, you can understand the requirements that your client wants as this phone technology eliminates distortion. 

Many factors make your IP phone systems better than a traditional phone. Starting from the cable line which is not only old-fashioned but creates distortion as well. Moreover, when you are calling through a traditional phone, you can not assist multiple clients. You have to wait until the call gets finished. However, this is not the case with a business VoIP solution. It allows you to make or receive multiple calls at the same time without any delay. 

VoIP Phone System Enhances Your Business Productivity 

If you are communicating with multiple clients at the same time, chances are high that you will end up with some projects in your hands. Unlike a traditional cable line phone, when you use a VoIP phone for your business communication, you can add more phone lines. This helps in communicating with multiple clients simultaneously. Getting more projects means that your business productivity will increase which is one of the biggest advantages of being a VoIP caller. 

Making more calls enhances your business productivity but what about the bill? You may be thinking that the more you call the longer the bill will be. Well, this might surprise you but this is the truth. A VoIP phone system does not cost you long bills. You get to choose a package depending on your business calling schedule. This package allows calling both domestic and international clients. Yes, you have read it right. You do not need to pay extra for international calls. Let’s just have a look at the features of a VoIP phone that can enhance your business productivity. 

Automated Attendant

This is among the top features of a VoIP phone. With this feature, you do not need to have someone sitting at your receptionist’s desk. Any incoming call gets answered through this feature and is routed to the desired extension. The automated attendant feature of a VoIP phone can be a simple voice recording or you can choose an advanced option depending on your communication requirements. 

Call Forwarding

When you use a traditional phone, you may lose a phone call that could be a great deal for your business. However, when you use a VoIP phone, none of your business calls go unanswered. With the incredible call forwarding feature of a business VoIP solution, you do not have to worry about losing potential business calls. When this feature is activated, your calls are directed to another extension. 

Call Recording

Getting business calls but not turning them into clients? Well, there can be an issue in pitching to the client. But how can you know if your employees are not pitching the script in the right way to the client? With the remarkable call recording feature of a VoIP phone, you can record your business calls for training purposes and to know the mistakes as well. 

Web Conferencing 

With this incredible feature of a VoIP phone, you can enhance the collaboration and communication of your business. Web conferencing allows you and your employees to join a virtual meeting from any location. With the increase in remote working, VoIP phones have helped businesses as a collaboration tool. It allows you to share important files and documents with the team. 


Voicemail allows you to receive messages in the form of text if you have missed a call. This is a basic feature that comes with all the packages of your VoIP phone. It ensures that you never miss an important notification or message from the client.

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