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Found: The One Shaving Instrument That Allows Me To tidy Up My Swimsuit Region With next to no Disturbance

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In principle, I like keeping my two-piece line liberated from hair, and all the other things managed. I’ve taken a stab at shaving, waxing, Nair, and then some. Also, each and every time I end up with executioner razor consume and excruciating ingrown hairs. I’d almost surrendered and was prepared to completely enter my Enormous Shrubbery Time, however at that point I went over the Philips BikiniGenie ($20). A cordless trimmer gave me the least demanding, most effortless swimsuit trim of my life.

Philips Two-piece Genie — $20.00

Razor knocks and ingrown hairs are very normal responses to hair expulsion, particularly around regions with delicate skin. “We are warm blooded creatures and covered with hair follicles,” says Purvisha Patel, MD, a board-ensured dermatologist and pioneer behind Visha Skincare. “Razor knocks normally happen subsequent to shaving over hair follicles. The follicle then has irritation, bothering, and perhaps a miniature disease inside it as the hair attempts to bounce back.” Yet, on the grounds that they’re normal doesn’t imply that they need to occur. “In the event that one hair expulsion strategy doesn’t work for your skin, attempt another,” says Laura Schubert, Chief and prime supporter of Fur. “Pay attention to your skin’s requirements and ensure you’re doing whatever it may take to keep it solid and blissful — hair evacuation doesn’t need to be a difficult cycle.” Considering this, I was eager to evaluate another strategy. I went in with low assumptions and was totally astonished by my outcomes with the BikiniGenie.

What it resembles utilizing the Philips BikiniGenie

The Philips BikiniGenie utilizes an electric head to give you a decent shave without scratching or bothering your skin. It accompanies two heads — a conventional trimmer and a smaller than usual epilator — and two advisers for permit you to manage without going the entire way to the skin. You can utilize it on wet or dry skin, however it should be utilized in dry circumstances. So I chose to involve it in the solace of my room. I set out a towel, got out my Nyssa VieVission Self-Really take a look at Mirror ($65), so I could get a nearby, enlightened view, and took out the BikiniGenie. I began with the trimmer head, and was stunned by the fact that it was so easy to utilize. This was my most memorable time utilizing an electric razor, and I’m kicking myself for standing by so lengthy. I was somewhat apprehensive as I began yet immediately acknowledged how much control the razor gave me. I had the option to get wherever I expected to get with accuracy. I then, at that point, went over the areas I shaved totally with the epilator head to eliminate anything I didn’t get. I polished off by utilizing an aide on the trimmer head to shape and manage down the areas where I needed to keep my hair. To polish off, I applied the European Wax Place Lighting up Ingrown Hair Serum ($40) to hydrate and delicately peel my skin.

However much I cherished the cycle and results, I will say that utilizing the BikiniGenie didn’t leave my skin feeling as child smooth as it’d feel in the wake of utilizing a manual razor or getting a wax. In any case, as far as I might be concerned, that perfection would just most recent daily before the razor knocks and ingrowns dominated. I’m four days out from my shave and my skin feels perfect. No aggravation and no knocks. Any reasonable person would agree I’m snared — I won’t ever utilize some other device to shave my two-piece region.

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