What to Expect from a Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Deciding to go into recovery is brave, as it comes with many struggles and obstacles to overcome.

Not only do sufferers choose to overlook the risk of relapse and symptoms of withdrawal they will experience for the chance of a better tomorrow, but they also devote their time and money to getting the treatment they need. 

If you or a loved one are ready to embark on the honorable journey to recovery, here are some things to expect from a drug addiction treatment center

Read on to feel prepared for the many different aspects of drug addiction treatment.  

1. Detox At The Drug Addiction Treatment Center 

Initially, a drug addiction treatment center will help the client detox from the substances in their system. Whether drugs or alcohol, a team of qualified staff with 24-hour availability will help the client detox safely. 

Allowing the drugs to leave the body causes the person to undergo a series of debilitating withdrawal symptoms. Although the withdrawal period takes three days to commence, individual circumstances vary. 

For this reason, care is extended, and clients are cared for under medical supervision. 

2. The Alternatives Period

After drugs have left the body, the person may experience cravings for the drug. To offset cravings, sugary snacks will likely be provided. Clients will be encouraged to stay hydrated and rest as much as needed. 

3. The Coaching Period

Depending on the treatment facility selected, the rehab centre may extend to coaching that includes coping and managing the emotional stress involved in recovery and staying sober over time. 

At a collaborative drug addiction treatment center, clients will be taught skills for crisis management and may be introduced to medications to help with their addictive tendencies. 

If you are struggling with co-occurring disorders, mental health care may also be needed to avoid relapse in the future. 

4. The Cost Breakdown

Going to a drug addiction treatment center is not cheap. 

Depending on your budget and the amenities included in the program they offer, it may be wise to seek out resources for payment plans, loans, and other funding sources to pay for necessary treatment to recover from addiction.

Many facilities offer reimbursement on insurance and payment plans for those with limited financial means. Speak with the financial team at the facilities you’re considering beforehand to make the best choice for the treatment. 

5. The Staff Matters 

Be aware that the drug addiction treatment center you are considering may not have the staff required to assist you successfully through your detox. 

You want to look for facilities that prioritize recovery and have a team of psychological professionals and medical staff to help with the tasks at hand. 

Organizations that are based on a volunteer basis only and those facilities sponsored by big brands and celebrity names should be avoided. 

Recover Safely And Save Money 

To find the best treatment centers near you, reach out to learn about the staff and the financial options available. Don’t be fooled by luxury amenities, and stick to the program’s focus: detox and recovery.

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