Top 8 Games Like Age of Empires – Most Popular RTS Games of all Time

Games Like Age of Empires – Read about best Real-Time Strategy games which are similar to AOE2 with complete details. Each game is best in its series.


Introduction to Age of Empires
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Introduction to Age of Empires

Most popular RTS games of all time and still thousands of monthly active players are playing it on platforms like Gameranger. Its a simple building game of old age where you need to defend your area and also build a large army to defeat your enemy. It’s a huge series with many games with expansions packs too.

Age of Empires 1 is old with low-quality graphics but they update quality with every new game. Age of Empire 2 is the most popular game in series and also other RTS games. You can easily edit it and create a lot of new maps, modes, add units, and much more.

There are many expansions created for Aoe2 like The Conquers, Forgotten Empires, Age of Chivalry, African Kingdom, and some others. Age of Empires Definitive Edition is a release which includes all Age of Empire past games with high-quality graphics and improved gameplay.

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Some Extra Information about Age of Empires

The main system of all games in series is similar. A lot of civilizations are part of the game which players can choose and each one of them is different from each other. Units of different types like soldiers, villagers, and lot of buildings are also part of the game. The concept is the same for each game but you can see too much difference in structure.

The most latest game in the Age of Empire 4 which is also popular and planning to release soon. You can read everything which is available to the world about this game on Pc GamesN. Gamers are excited about this game but still, the Age of Empire 2 is gonna stay on top of the series games list.

There are many ways how you can play this game. The campaign is always part of each game and expansion pack, some specially created maps on historical base stories, Skirmish, and online multiplayer.

Details of Similar Games

1- Stronghold

Stronghold is also series like the Age of Empire where a lot of games are created. Similar to the AOE series there is one game that is more popular than all games in series and its Stronghold Crusader. Completely different gameplay which is more clear and better than even the latest Stronghold games in series.

The main system of the game is similar to the Age of Empires because you must build, defend, or attack the enemy. You can collect food by using different methods, other resources, and also different types of soldiers are available. The first game on our list and one of the best Games Like Age of Empires.

There are some superpowers in Stronghold Crusader Extreme that complete change gameplay. You can also play this game online with friends and family. In some games, there are a series of missions that you can complete from 1 to end. Some games include economy and War campaigns where you can play in peace or full-scale wars.

Game is very easy to understand and you can consider it easy game compare to Age of Empires. A lot of civilizations and buildings are involved there but Stronghold is better and simple to understand by anyone.

2- Empire Earth

Empire Earth is a completely different concept game because you can play anything ion it. They cover the whole human history and also the latest time too. It means you may play with old age weapons, building, scenario, and latest world war 2 missions too. Game is huge and in simple words, you can say old age missions of this game are similar to the Age of Empire game.

It’s also a series where many games are created. They include a complete campaign that players can choose to play. AI is very clever and you can expect a tough fight instead of east to win the game system.

The game covers all different ages and includes everything as per requirement. You can play space age which represents the colony system in space. Sometimes Empire Earth looks like a collection of many games. It’s like the Age of Empire & Command & Conquer are included in one place.

Every new game or expansion pack take us to the next level, add new units, weapons, completely different building, and new missions. Mostly it’s about German, English, Russian and other campaigns which are mainly added for players from all over the world.

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3- The Settlers

The Settlers is a game that is base on a complete story. Unlike the Age of Empire, their system is simple where you follow the story till the end. Its best Game Like Age of Empires 2 as they add small units with stunning perfect graphics.

You can find too many campaigns in series, a lot of games are created, mostly they continue the story from the past. The journey of this game is old like the Age of Empire series. They begin with low-quality games in the past and now you can find real high quality amazing graphic games.

The basic concept is similar to other RPG games in are the same fashion. You need to collect resources like wood, iron from mine, and more. Most of the area on the map is dark place which you must explore and look for the completion of important objectives.

The most popular game is series is The Settlers 7 – Paths to a Kingdom which is most amazing. The economy system is more powerful compared to the Age of Empires. It’s complicated and more original instead of a few simple options like Trade building in AOE. One more game is coming soon in series. It could become one of the best games in series because they have a full chance to improve everything from 17 years of their game series.

4- Total War

Rome – Total War is the most popular game in series which you can find. As you already know there is always one or 2 games which become really popular in series. You can compare this game with the Age of Empire 2 and popularity is more than any game.

Total War series is most unique because of their graphics and some special features which you can never find anywhere else. Read about all of their 10+ games with details on their official site. They also cover a lot of human history because every game in series is representing past empires and their war.

You can lead huge armies to victory in this game. Massive deadly games that you may never see anywhere are included. Total War is also about a complete storyline which is really good for players to enjoy. Explore different parts of history and play this game like you are in the past.

You can find a lot of features in this game which make is less part of Games like the Age of Empires. But the game is the best Strategy game in the world and millions of players already playing it.

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5- Cossacks

Cossacks is an RTS game that allows players to create unlimited units. The main concept of this game makes it one of the best games like the Age of Empire 2. You must collect resources like wood, capture mines, crops, and defend. You can consider it a war of resources because players with more mines capture can win this game easily.

The weapon system is really upgraded compare to the Aoe series. A lot of guns, artillery is involved and the most important factor of the game is every player needs a huge collection of iron and coal. When your soldiers fire at the enemy, it will use coal from your resources. You may need a huge collection and continue running mines to fulfil war needs.

There are many games in the series. Some old games are built on the same concept of the Age of Empire 2. But you can find really amazing graphics and a lot of updates on the latest games. The map is very limited and you can only see any area if your unit is available there or you construct a building.

6- Bannermen

Bannermen is an RTS game that takes Real-Time Strategy games to the next level. The gameplay is similar to many other games. But graphics are very different from most RPG games. It allows you to control every single unit and use its abilities.

The story is simple, you lost the battle and everyone now submits to your enemy lord. He is becoming more powerful with every day because more people are accepting him. You are alone and its time to explore a large world to find for resources, train soldiers, and fight back.

The campaign for this game is really cool. You can complete missions, fight against your enemies, free prisoners, and explore a huge world. The game is really bloody as you must fight a lot of wars when playing it.

The balance between economy and Battle makes it better than every Age of Empires game. But you cant find many different resources in game-like AOE presents. Read complete information on Steam which is a popular platform for games these days. Some of the amazing screenshots and videos are also included there for you to understand this game better.

7- 0 A.D.

The most basic features of this game are likes Age of Empires. You can consider it the best alternative & Most popular game in the RTS game world. It represents 1000 years of history in 2 parts. A lot of economy, buildings, units, and battles are involved similar to the AoE games.

You need to create buildings, collect resources, make armies, defend against attack, and conquer your enemies. Gameplay proves that its improved version of AOE2 in many ways.

The game is still under development and they are looking for a lot of participation. Visit their forum to find out more details and help them make a better game. They also allow gamers to download early versions of their game and test it for free on their site.

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8- Rise of Nations

Its another RTS game but there is one feature that makes it different from AOE2. You cant build anywhere on the map, the area is limited and they allow you to construct around the main base only. Age of Empires is a different and crazy game. It allows you to send villager and build in an enemy base or anywhere on the whole map.

Rise of Nation includes some features from other games like WoW or different RTS games. A total of 18 nations is included in this game with over 100 different units. Conquer the World campaign is added with many linked maps to complete.

The game received a lot of positive reviews on the home of gamers Steam. It’s a very highly recommend game by over 6000 players who try it. Unlike the Age of Empires, you can find a lot of latest weapons in-game to play like tanks.

More Information about the Age of Empires Series

Age of Empires for other Platforms – Age of Empires for Android -Age of Empires Mobile – Age of Empires MAC – Games Similar to Age of Empires for Android

Some lists are already created for gamers to read about the Age of Empires similar games for other platforms like mobile. Guru Gamer added 5 games in their list which are the best alternative to Aoe Series for android. Read a complete guide created by Steam which explains how you can play this game on MAC.

Which Game is Better? Age of Empires 1 / Age of Empires 2 / Age of Empires 3 / Age of Empires 4

Every game is different from others in many ways. But everyone loves the Age of Empire 2 and it’s still popular after a very long time. Age of Empire 1 is an old game with fewer quality graphics but they already release awesome graphic versions to improve quality. The age of Empires 3 is the latest version with completely different gameplay.

Age of Empires – Important Details

List of All Games in Age of Empires series including mods & Expansions

Read this article on Fandom Wiki which provides a list of every single game created yet. They also further explain each game by proving more resources. you can find many expansions created for the Age of Empire 2 which prove how much it’s popular already. Some different games are also created like the Age of Chivalry.

Why Age of Empires 2 is more Popular then all Games in Series?

There are some reasons which make it better. You can edit games easily and create unlimited different types of missions, campaigns, maps, units, and much more. Already thousands of missions and different maps are created which you can find on many sites.

The gameplay is unique and awesome, even units are small but it’s still cool to control them on map. A lot of different expansions are created which provide players with too many possible choices to choose and enjoy.

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