Top 6 Games Like Dead by Daylight – List of best Survival Horror Games

Games Like Dead by Daylight – Find about some amazing horror survival games to fight with too many different kinds of monsters you may never see before.


Introduction to Games Like Dead by Daylight
Details about Similar Games
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Introduction to Games Like Dead by Daylight

A best horror survival game that is launched for all every platform including Windows and Phones. The main focus of Scary Games Vault is multiplayer where one player chooses to play as Killer and the other 4 players try to survive against it. Too many characters are available in-game but some of DLC content allows you to get more characters from different popular games.

The killer can play as the first person but survivors are allowed to play only as 3rd person. Survivals in this game cant fight back or kill someone who is chasing them. The only way to survive is to run away from the killer, hide, and use some other tactics. There are a lot of items everywhere hidden which they can discover and use to gain more time to survive against killer in-game.

One way to complete this mission is to repair 5 different generators that are available on different parts of the map for opening the survival gate to run away. The killer must stop them before they are able to survive by opening this gate. These generators can become a good point for killers to trap survivors but time is very important also in-game.

You can play as one of 22 survivors and 20 different killers. Every character in this game is different from some unique abilities which make them perfect killers or good at surviving. You can play different characters and test skills or look for their abilities to survive till the end of killing everyone in a short time.

The killer must sacrifice these people in order to finish these missions. It means the killer needs to put any one of them after catching on a board where the process will start and finish in 2 minutes without any interference. It means other survivors may be able to set their partner free if the killer is not around. You can understand how much this game is interesting, challenging, and best fro playing online.

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Details about Similar Games

1- Silent Hill

Silent Hill is the most popular game series which everyone really loves as an alternative to Dead by Daylight. More then 10 games are created for everyone and you must know that each game is unique with the storyline and perfect execution. Some games are part of the main series, others are also created for the same series and you can also read about games that are canceled too.

The first game in series follows a character who is searching for his daughter and enters to fantasy created town name as Silent Hill. There he is able to find a cult that is using different rituals for their purposes. There are 5 different ending to these games which means players’ actions can decide what will happen to the game.

The first game in series receive too many positive reviews and it was a commercial success at that time. Every 2,3 years they are releasing a new game which also becomes very popular. Another most popular game in series is  Downpour in which a prisoner is stuck to the world of Silent Hill after prisoner transport vehicle crashes. But some other games are also created other than the main series, few of these games also become popular but mostly receive mixed reviews compare to original game series.

2- Until Dawn

Most popular horror game where players control 8 different adult characters who are trying to survive on Blackwood mountain because their life is threatened. There is a complete choice system of every single character in-game. These characters can survive or win as per their choices made. Players explore the surrounding environment and try to solve different puzzles and mystery.

This game was created on the base of different ideas from most scary movies of all time like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and others. To make this game more horror. they use some special kind of engine and also the best graphics are used in-game. DStory is full of mystery and a lot of horror elements are added in this game. It receives a lot of positive reviews and considers as the best survival horror game.

As per the main story, a scary prank forces a teen to run toward woods at a party. Her sister was able to find her but someone else also followed them which force them to runaways and fell down from the cliff, no bodies were found and both declared as missing. You can easily understand from this beginning of just a few lines of this story, how much they try their best to make this game mystery and horror.

3- The Forest

Player character and his sons are the survival of the plane crash. It’s an open-world environment where no limits are set for anything. They make their own choices to survive as much as possible. The game was a commercial success and sold over 5 million times within one year. Unlike some other games, an open-world environment is also added in this game which is very good where the player can make their own choices which can affect everything.

A lot of different dangerous elements are in-game which can threaten player survival. Animals, tribe members, and some kind of mutant and much more are involved in which players must try their best to ignore or fight to survive. Players also need to build their own weapons, use the shelter, and much more. Game is different from many other games where everything is already decided and the player must follow the story which is written from start to end.

The main interesting factor in this game is cannibals people. These are very important in-game because they are everything. Sometimes they can become a problem for the player. When fighting they behave weird to help each other, try to survive against the player, and much more random actions. There is a very large forest with too many dangers to survive in-game.

4- State of Decay 2

Very popular survival games where a lot of zombies are everywhere. You need to build shelter and protect different communities. You may need to make some very important choices to stay on top of the food chain. In your community, there are many different quests or missions which can help you learn a lot about this game.

You must locate and build your 1st settlements, get more followers to your community. Try your best to provide them with food, shelter, and make them fit for work. If you are able to give everything to people, you must know that more people can join you and make larger communities survive. There is an online version available that allows players to fight with zombies together and more players can form a dangerous team to kill large hordes of zombies easily.

Unlike other games on our list, this is a huge horror survival game where a lot of management is involved. You are responsible for a large community where surviving against too many hordes of zombies is only possible if you can work together and lead people in a better way. Similar to Tv Series The Walking Dead, many survivor groups are now real threats to you because they try their best to get all resources for themself.

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5- Outlast 2

Its sequel to very famous game Outlast, the main story is about a journalist & his wife who are trying to explore the murder of young women in Arizona Desert. After the plane crash, both are separated and now he is trying to find his wife. There is a dangerous village involved in the game who are thinking that the end of time is upon them. The third game in this series is set to release soon after the success of the 1st 2 games.

Players cant fight in this game other than some special scenes created for the game. But he must try to survive, hide from hostile members or tribe which us trying to kill him or sacrifice. Player is able to take a lot of photos in-game with the help of a powerful camera.

You can easily understand that this game is built on almost the same horror, survive aspect as Dead by Daylight which makes it the best game similar to it. Rating for this game is very high on most platforms of gamers. A lot of positive reviews are available for this game which actually helps players decide how much this game is best in this category of horror & survival games.

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6- 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is all about surviving and there is no special object in this game. The story begins when the most part of the world is completely destroyed by nuclear war. There are few areas left untouched like a fictional part where players must find food, shelter, and supplies to survive. Zombies are everywhere which are trying to kill every human left and survival of bloody war.

The world is randomly generated and players must survive by finding important resources, save themself from injuries or illness. Many wildlife is also part of the game in which players can hunt and fulfill their needs. But the main problem and threat which the player is facing are zombies. Day and night cycle is also part of this game where zombies can become more dangerous in night time compared to day time where they are slow, easy to kill or run away.

Zombies can also attract to different elements in-game. Especially when the player is doing any activity on a map, zombies can walk toward it and start attacking until someone kills them or that activity is stopped. Multiplayer mode allows players to fight, communicate with others on different servers when they enter in the same world.

Top Posts On the Same Topic

We are able to find only one article which provides some alternatives to this game. You can find 10 games like Dead by Daylight on Gamers Decide. Screenshots and complete explanations are added to this article which can help to understand why these games and how much similar to Dead by Daylight.

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Conclusion for Games Like Dead by Daylight

Games like Dead by Daylight are always very popular because people love to play a combination of mystery, horror, and survival. Some scenes in these games are not easy to watch especially when a lot of sudden events can become a problem for people who are playing a game with too much interest.

There are some other games which are also similar to this game but we always choose the best out of many games. Because the main purpose of our site is to focus on always Quality, not Quantity.

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