Tekken 8 – Release date, Story and Characters Info – Everything you must Know

Tekken 8 – Read about the most popular fighting games series and its upcoming game which already become more popular than every game ever released in series.

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Introduction to Tekken Game Series
Everything about Tekken 8
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Short Introduction to all Tekken Games in Series
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Introduction to Tekken Game Series

Tekken series is a Japanese franchise of arcade & fighting games which are very popular all over the world. Main series focus on the tournament to control huge business, players use different characters to fight with each other to win this tournament. Every character is different from each other, unique abilities and fighting styles.

In this game series, the player uses different moves when fighting like attack, defends, escape, use unique powers, and complete ways of fighting in combos style. Consider it first game where they started to use 3D animation which never happened before. During the last 25 years, more than 15 games in the main series with different spin-offs are created. Tekken 2 and 3 are more popular because of their game style and millions of players really love them compared to all other games in series.

Game series received too many positive reviews and sold over 50 million times already. Tekken series become the best game in the history of fighting games and there is no other series that is successful as Tekken. Characters are a very important part of this game, you may find thousands of fans online who love their favourite character. Some players are able to play a few characters in better way compare to all other characters in-game series.

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Everything about Tekken 8

Release Date

After success of almost every game in this series, everyone is talking about another game in series. But there is no release date announced yet but we can think about releasing a new game in the next 2,3 years. It was over 5 years gap between Tekken 6 & 7, there are more chances that next game may release in 2022 but everyone is stuck at home, it can give more chance to develop to complete Tekken 8 early.

Every game in series was a commercial success and the company already earned millions from it, there is no possible way that they will not create another game. But it can take some time because they want players to really miss them, creating too many continue games may lose the interest of everyone. But when they release after over 3-5 years, everyone waits for it, talk about it and that’s real popularity.

Story – What new you may see in the Upcoming Game?

Story Sequal or Changed? – In the upcoming game, there is too much chance that you may see a lot of changes in the storyline. The current story and the basic structure of the fighting concept are too much successful. They will continue from the same point where it ended in Tekken 7. But there is a serious chance that they may end Tekken 8 in a completely different way compared to the previous game. Developers already learn too much from the past and this time you can also see Focus of Tekken 8 on more stories. Game is mostly about battles and players are not much showing interest in the story. Making a balanced game that focuses on both story and fighting is highly recommended.

New characters vs Old – As we learn from previous games, most of the characters which they are using in previous games are increasing all the time. But some most popular characters are there which they continue using in almost every game. So what they can do for Tekken 8 which can make it different from previous games? In our opinion, they can add some new characters which were never used before with new abilities, but they will surely add some very popular characters from the past. They cant add completely new characters in this upcoming game because players may lose interest so fast. Adding some popular characters from previous games in which millions of players love and share their opinion everyone is very important.

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Gameplay changes – There are 2 choices for developers to choose from when it comes to gameplay. Create same limited space battles or expand it to make a story type gameplay. In current system, you can see lot of games are happening in a fixed place chosen by developers. How much it may look crazy if you can fight with your opponents all over the city?

Graphics Quality – Tech is upgrading with time, new discoveries provide developers with a chance to create more high-quality games with time. Tekken 8 may become the best game in the whole world when it comes to the quality of graphics. Players may feel like fighting in real life with real players because of new tech involving in the gaming world

Increase in Price – Tekken series is a complete success and sold over 50 million times already. Developers know that players will love to purchase even they increase prices a little bit high. It means you can see some increased pricing for Tekken 8, it’s over 25 years of making this brand, time to fully get benefits from it.

Platforms – Everyone knows that its world of Mobile phones. Millions of players really love to play games on their phones. In the market, some of the mobile phones are more expansive compare to laptops and Pc these days. If they don’t release this game for other platforms like Android, iPhones, and Pc, it means they are not taking full advantage of it. We can know about millions of players who never play on Playstation, you can clearly see Tekken 8 released for some popular platforms too.

Campaign – There is a big chance that they create a full-time campaign with different missions for a new game. Players always love the concept of completing challenging missions for every game. Its very simple to convert the current storyline into full campaigns with missions to complete in various locations. In our opinion, they can talk about the rise of one character who may fight in different tournaments all over the world to become the most popular champion of all time.

Basic Features – Lot of current basic features of the game are outdated. We believe that they will surely add many new features in-game, upgrade some of the current features to make this game perfect.

Upgrade Hardware is Required – Millions of dollars of the market are connected to these games because every time a new game is released with requirements of most high-quality hardware, you can see a lot of purchases everywhere. Tekken 8 may also become hard for some players to run on old Pc’s if they release it for Computes too.

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Online Servers – Some popular games like Runescape are available on the internet where millions of active players love to play this game online. You can also see the Tekken 8 servers system released online because of its requirements of these days. Players really love to fight with random players online and also co-fight with random enemy clans. Adding this feature can make this game purchase double because this game may still be active for the next 5 years.

Tekken 8 Trailer

We are not sure if this trailer is really created by the company or someone just made it to get more views on YouTube. They will surely release trailers when the game is close to ready which can take a long time. There is a small story inside it, which can possibly be part of the Tekken 8 game.

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Short Introduction to all Tekken Games in Series

Tekken 1

The very first game in series with low-quality graphics because it was released in 1994. But you must know that there was very little competition when they released it. The game becomes popular in less time because of its unique gameplay style.

Tekken 2

You can’t see too much difference between both games but they added a lot of new locations and some characters in Tekken 2. Game modes and some other upgrades make it better and unlike 1st game, now they get experience and learn from mistakes of 1st game.

Tekken 3

A most popular game on Pc in which millions of players play it. Clear graphics and easy to play with each character. Very less memory to install and work for almost every pc. It’s better than previous 2 games and you can see major changes everywhere in-game.

Tekken Tag Tournament

In this game, the player can fight using 2 characters at the same time. Players can easily switch between characters in-game. A lot of features that are included in this game are inspired by previous games. Unlike previous games, now 4 players can fight with each other, or 1 player can control 2 characters same time.

Tekken 4

A lot of changes in gameplay make this game better than every previous installment. Now players are able to use arena walls and other objects for extra damage. New fighting styles are also added in this game which is very important for making this game unique from old games.

Tekken 5

In Tekken 5, they remove a lot of changes that were introduced 1st time in Tekken 4. Many features from previous games are again introduced in this game. But you can see some new characters too, players are able to fully customize these characters in-game.

Tekken 5 –  Dark Resurrection

Its updated version of Tekken 5 because they make it more balanced and add some cool features in this game. The arena is changing for players with some real tile graphics are added. You may see some wolf walking around and some other powerful changes.

Tekken 6

Huge changes in the whole series were introduced in this game. Large stages and enhanced version of character customization is added. Unlike previous games, now everything around players can affect gameplay. They can break walls and some other activities are involved in-game which is really cool.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

In this version of the Tag Tournament, they introduced every single character ever created for this game. They learn from the previous games and provide really cool features for users in this game. A lot of modes are included in this game which is very cool because players never feel boring.

Tekken 7

Most recent games in series with a complete storyline make this game more interesting. In previous games, they continue a storyline but you can only see the most complete version of it in Tekken 7. The latest game in series is more popular than any game ever created for this series.

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Its truth about fighting games, players really love them. But some other game series are also created in the past few years which can satisfy most players. Tekken is very old and millions of players in the last 25 years are connected with series, which means there is no way to replace them with some new games. Please share this article with everyone who is a fan of the Tekken series.

Tekken Games for Pc – Games in this series are mostly built for PlayStation and other platforms but everyone can play them on Pc. Some emulators can help players make it possible. One of the most famous games in series which millions of people play on Pc is Tekken 3. Now you can find hundreds of sites providing with all Tekken games to play on Pc for completely free.

All previous games in series are also discussed above which is very important. You can now easily compare upcoming Tekken 8 with these past games without visiting a lot of other articles everywhere on the internet. Tekken 8 may become the most popular game in the history of all fighting or arcade games.

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