Top Gaming Influencers on Instagram Most Followed in 2021

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Instagram, just like Youtube, has become another source of making and sharing game videos with friends. This article connects you with Top Gaming Influencers on Instagram.


Remember when a Swedish game player started a Youtube channel named “PewdewPie,” he started receiving massive gaming fans worldwide. He would play games, make a video while narrating the features of the gameplay. Today he has over a 107million worldwide followers who love watching his videos because he shares the same passion and love for video games as his like-minded fans do.

Instagram, just like Youtube, has become another source of making and sharing game videos with friends. In case you need to become an Instagram gaming influencer like them, you require to follow in their footsteps to become popular.

If you start following a personality, it converts more accessible for you to open features like how they become a gaming influencer, what approaches they apply, etc. So, it’s time to reveal a list of the best Gaming Influencers to Follow on Instagram.

There are tons of gaming influencers sharing their game walkthrough, cheats, ideas, and add ons with the audience. In this article, we will talk about five popular ones who have garnered massive followings on Instagram.


Felix Kjellberg has received up to 60 million Youtube subscriptions, making him one of Youtube’s biggest gaming influencers. Now he has an Instagram account as well, where he posts videos of the game, answers the questions, and shares his trips. With 21.5 million followers on Instagram, he is the number 1 gaming influencers on the network with ongoing partnerships with Google and Disney.

There’s a bit of controversy going around after he posted a negative anti-semitic comment in one of these videos. As a result, some followers started unfollowing him and stopped watching his videos. However, this has affected his reputation as such.


He’s a gaming YouTuber as well as an Instagram influencer with up to 8.4 million worldwide followers. For his gaming passion and love, he dropped out of college to become a full-time game player, and that’s when he started a channel to post videos about the famous game’s walkthroughs and cheat sheets.

His social gaming channels lean towards the Horror game genre because he loves playing the same niche. Besides being giving a nice gaming walkthrough, his narration and comedy in the video background are always appreciated.  


He has collaborated with many brands for being famous, and sometimes he works together with celebrities like Jack Black and Jimmy Kimmel as well. His followership on Instagram has been growing with time, but his fans are massive in number. Up to 19 million people have subscribed to his Youtube channel, and it won’t be long that you would find him to be as popular as Felix. Reportedly his Instagram account is receiving a follower ratio of 5.6 percent or more; that’s really huge.


With more than 7.1 million followers on Instagram, Jacksepticeye is number three among the best influencers on Instagram. It’s nothing new for Youtube gamers and Instagram game influencers to drop out of school or college at an early age. Sean McLoughlin is no exception; he started making videos on Youtube at first and became popular with time on Youtube and Instagram.

 Sean McLoughlin has collaborated with famous brands Marvel to create a Marvel mystery box on the channel. On Instagram, he keeps posting videos about different video games and new launches by other brands. You will fall in love with his narration and video presentation because he gives his honest insight into the storyline and gameplay.


His distinctive owl makes him a unique game Influencer himself. This is also something that he is famous for. His real name is Evan Fong, and he has up to 3.7 million followers on Instagram. This number is growing every week; he may have more followers by the end of 2020 because he is known for his hilarious humor. 

Not to mention, there’s a mind-blowing compilation of his funny moments caught in the video games of GTA V and Call of Duty. He has been working in collaborating with many famous brands and sponsoring their items from time to time, such as Syndicate and SeaNanners. His follower growth ratio seems to be 3.8 percent on the chart. It is expected to grow as he focuses more on posting high-quality content for his viewers.


With almost 3.2 million followers, Daniel Middleton is number 5 on our list of the best gaming influencers on Instagram. Although he posts content on video games of different genres, he is best known for posting Minecraft videos. 

Forbes mentioned him as one of the most rising and influencing gaming Youtuber stars for having up to 12 billion views on average and earning more than $17 million in one year. 

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