Going to College As a Parent

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The modern business world needs professionals with degrees. While many available jobs don’t require a college education, most of the ones with livable, high-paying wages do. Unfortunately, many working adults are being pushed out of their jobs by younger people with a college education. To combat this, these adults are going back to school. If this is your situation, these tips can help you succeed.

Find a Flexible Program

The first step to getting your degree as an adult is to find a flexible program. Chances are, you’re already employed somewhere, and you probably have a family to support. You don’t have the time to sit in a classroom studying all day every day. Many colleges have started offering flexible education for working adults like yourself, with classes being available online through Zoom or a database. With these flexible classes, you can work your education around your employment schedule for greater balance. 

Because many flexible degrees start online, you can look nationwide for the program you want. If your local colleges don’t offer the degree you need, or their prices are too high, there may be a university in another state that can help. These online courses allow you to take charge of your education without putting your job and family on hold. 

Ask For Help

Once you’re enrolled in school, you may find that you can’t handle all the home tasks you used to do. Because you’re working and pursuing a degree, you’ll need to ask for help sometimes. There’s no shame in needing someone to help you manage your home jobs every once in a while. If you need your partner to help watch the kids while you do an online exam, don’t be afraid to ask. If you stayed up all night finishing homework and need an hour to yourself, there’s no shame in hiring a sitter so you can nap. 

Along with asking your family for help, you may need to ask your professors for help. While many college-age kids have ample time to complete assignments, your increased responsibilities may get in the way. If a deadline is scheduled synonymously with a work assignment, or you don’t have enough time to get things done because of your schedule, don’t hesitate to talk to your professor. Many of these teachers were in your shoes once, so they’ll be willing to help. 

Set Necessary Boundaries

Finally, you’ll need to set some necessary boundaries with the people in your life. While it may be hard, it’s vital to remember that “no” is a complete sentence. If your boss asks you to pick up more work, you may have to tell them you can’t. Although you might like the extra profit, you probably won’t have time to finish another project on top of school and home duties. If you have an exam, you may have to set boundaries with your family to keep the home quiet around certain hours so you can study. While setting boundaries isn’t always comfortable, it will help you succeed in your schooling. 

Overall, going back to school as an adult can help you climb the ladder at your job. With these tips, you can make it through your degree without too much stress. 

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