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Gutenberg vs. Elementor: Which is the best Page Builder for WordPress?

Let us compare Gutenberg vs. Elementor and help determine, which is the best page builder for WordPress? And which tool is right for your website.


Gutenberg vs. Elementor! Which is the best page builder for WordPress? Website developers and bloggers use Page builders, like Elementor or Gutenberg to add content, images, videos, etc to their pages.

Adding content and data to the pages can lead to slowing down the loading speed of the website, thereby affecting the performance of the website and its page rankings on search engines.

In this article, we will compare Gutenberg vs. Elementor and help determine which of the two tools is right for your website.

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Gutenberg vs. Elementor: Introduction

Elementor is considered to be one of the best Page builders for WordPress. It is very simple and easy to use, it’s simple drag and drop features allows even inexperienced users having no technical know-how to build website pages. However, using Elementor for building the website pages affected the loading speed of the website.

During the launch of WordPress 5.0 in November 2018, a new block editor Gutenberg was introduced. Gutenberg was introduced as an alternative to page builders like Elementor, to optimize the website and reduce the page loading speed. It can help change the way the posts and pages are created on the website.

Gutenberg vs. Elementor: Features

Some of the key features of Gutenberg are:

  • It is a drag and drop editor which can be used for creating pages and posts.
  • There are 25+ blocks which can be used for creating content and including essentials like text, images, tables, buttons, etc.
  • You can rearrange the blocks as per requirement; you can add or delete blocks.
  • You can customize different options for each block

On the whole, Gutenberg offers a functional drag-and-drop system, the features offered are available in most of the standard page builders.

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Some of the key features of Elementor are:

  • You have access to 30 different elements(blocks) for building a page
  • It features a library of different page and section templates
  • You can create complex layouts for your WebPages using multiple columns.
  • Control over spacing options like margins and padding.
  • The premium version offers advanced features like maps, image carousels, forums, slides, pricing lists, ability to design headers and footers, etc.

Gutenberg vs. Elementor: Ease of use

The interface of Gutenberg is simple and clean. When you start working on it, the screen prompts handy tooltips which help you navigate through the block editor and help you build pages on it.

You can easily add blocks by clicking on the plus sign. Once you have added the blocks, you can click on each of them individually and access the unique settings, and also reorder them as per requirement. The tooltips are very helpful and help you build a page easily without any trouble.

Elementor offers a completely different interface; you can view a live preview of your website or page on the right. It is a drag and drop builder, which requires you to just drag a widget from the sidebar onto your live design each time you want to add new content.

You can view the customization options for specific elements on the left-hand sidebar. The elements can be selected for duplication purposes or to delete them or move them.

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Gutenberg vs Elementor: Page Loading Speed

Building a website on Gutenberg may be a complex process but it provides the best page speed and loading time amongst all the page builders in the market.

If you want to optimize your page and want to improve its loading speed, Gutenberg is the best page builder for WordPress.

Although building pages on Elementor is extremely easy; however, it is known to slow down the loading times of the website. Slow loading speed impacts the browser experience and increases the bounce rates. It can also affect SEO ranking, whereby affecting your inbound traffic.

Gutenberg vs Elementor: Themes and Page design

Gutenberg is dependent on WordPress for theme styles. Though it allows the addition of custom CSS to the blocks, it cannot override the theme styles and settings of WordPress.

With the help of Gutenberg blocks, you can create content layouts with certain limitations. It allows the use of columns, tables, and full-width cover images on your webpage.

At the same time, page builders like Elementor are more flexible; they allow easy addition of content. You can easily change the complete page layout. Elementor offers several design options for each widget and block.

As a WordPress page builder plugin, it can easily work with the WordPress theme styles. It allows the developer to completely take over the page and override the theme’s styles and make required changes. This helps in the creation of custom page layouts.

Gutenberg vs Elementor: which one should you use?

If you are using a page builder like Elementor to work on your website, we would not recommend you to switch over to Gutenberg instead.

Elementor is the perfect choice if are looking for an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Switching from Elementor to Gutenberg will create a lot of issues with your existing layouts. At the same time if you have never used a page builder before then Gutenberg is a wonderful to start.

The simple and easy format of Gutenberg will help you determine whether you would be comfortable using a drag-and-drop system for creating content and developing your WebPages.

Gutenberg can be termed as a good content editor but it cannot replace powerful WordPress page builder plugins like Elementor. Also, one can use Gutenberg for its day-to-day designs and use Elementor when one needs to add power to the WebPages.

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