Benefits of Most Popular Ads Network AdSense & Some DisAdvantages

Read about Most Popular Ads Network Adsense, Benefits of using it compare to other networks & most common Disadvantages for New Bloggers.

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Introduction of Blogging
Short Introduction to Adsense
Benefits of Adsense / Disadvantages of Adsense
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Introduction of Blogging

Blogging is a more popular method of earning money online for many years. We create a website on any topic, start writing quality content on regular basis & try to share it everywhere possible to get permanent readers. Bloggers are using different methods to earn money like Ads network and Affiliate marketing. Some people are earning thousands of dollars per month from Adsense or Affiliate marketing. Most of the people are unable to earn anything because of incomplete training.

Its 1st article written in the Blogging section to help new bloggers. You will see more articles written on different topics to make blogging easy for everyone. All readers who read our site can request for articles on any topic related to Blogging in comments or using Contact Us form.

Short Introduction to Adsense

Almost all bloggers know about Adsense because of its 1st choice when it comes to the selection of best ads networks. But there are many new bloggers who are unable to earn money from it because for many reasons. In this article, we explain the advantages & disadvantages of the Adsense program. Getting approval is easy from Adsense because their policies are not hard, still, many bloggers fail to get it.

They provide you with many ads format which you can use to place anywhere on your site. You can create any number of units as per requirements. Adsense is a very popular and worldwide network that can show ads to everyone. It means, people from all over the world receive different ads as per their country using the same unit placed anywhere on site.

They provide you with many ads format which you can use to place anywhere on your site. You can create any number of units as per requirements. Adsense is a very popular and worldwide network that can show ads to everyone. It means, people from all over the world receive different ads as per their country using the same unit placed anywhere on site.

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Benefits of Adsense / Disadvantages of Adsense


CPC rates are very high for this network compared to many countries. It depends on the visitor country and also the quality of content written on your site. Its the biggest advantage of most bloggers with good quality traffic to earn a lot of money from it. You can earn 15-20 cents for 1 click if the visitor is from The USA & your content is not much of high valued. That’s a lot of money for new bloggers. But if the niche is good, content is really high quality, you may earn 1 dollar per click sometime.

But for new bloggers, it can take a lot of time to make their first 100 dollars from this network. If you focus on countries like Pakistan, India & similar, You may earn only 2,3 cents per click. It means you need more than 50 clicks to just make one dollar which means thousands of traffic. Your CPC is only high if you choose a high-quality niche.

Adsense ads are all about your content which means if you write posts about University, they will show ads related to education. Most of these are high paying ads, but try to create a full site about education only. Adsense simply works on the base of how much traffic you are receiving every day. More traffic means there are more chances to click on ads.

2- Organic Traffic

One major disadvantage of Adsense is Traffic must come from Search Engines to earn a lot of money. It means they can put ads limit on your site if all visitors are coming from social sites, direct or referrals & click on ads. It’s a big problem for new sites who cant get traffic for 1st 2 months or started to get it slow. If you don’t know how to get organized traffic, this network is not for you.

3- Statistics & Reports

One of the major advantages of this network is a live update of earning. You can see changes to impressions, clicks, page views & earning within 30-40 minutes after it happens. But some other networks like are completely failed to do it. You must wait 24 hours to find out all earning & other important details like impressions. Too many different types of reports are available for users to analyze the full earning process.

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4- Control over Ads

There are many other networks where you are not able to control ads. For example, if you don’t want to show ads for any category like drugs, or specif company, Adsense provides you options to block it. It takes only a few seconds to block all sensitive categories and stop showing ads on your site. But if you don’t like ads from any company or account, you can just block it anytime from your Adsense account.

5- Fast Approval or Rejection

Another benefit of Adswne is fast approval for good quality sites & they also reject fast if your site is not good enough. Some bloggers already received approval by just writing 10 posts which show Adsense care about content quality, not quantity. Getting approval is easy but earning from Adsense is hard for most bloggers.

6- Invalid Clicks Activity

One of the major disadvantages of this network is the problem of the Invalid click. Anyone can visit your site & click on 50+ ads for just to Ban your account. Most of the time AdSense will understand this issue but you can receive ads limit on your site. They also deduct your earning on the name of invalid clicks anytime & you can lose good money because of their powerful automatic system for no reason.

7- Hard Work vs Auto Earning

They always want search engine traffic for your site to earn good money. You can receive ads limit if your traffic is not coming from any search engine & visitors are coming from other sources to click on ads. To get that traffic, you need to continually update your site with high-quality content all the time. Most people don’t know how to rank in search engines, these people are unable to get the benefit of Adsense.

If your one article is ranked on google, you can receive continue traffic for a very long time. It means you will earn money from Adsense on regular basis without any hard work. Ranking high is difficult but Adsense doest required bloggers to post on regular basis. You can write 1 post every week enough for your site.

8- Verification Process and Payment Methods

Every new blogger must verify their account using a physical address which is a very difficult process. Most of the bloggers never receive a letter from Adsense because they live far away from main city areas. There are many ads networks where you don’t need to verify anything.

You can receive payment only one time per month which is a very big problem. They are not using many popular payment methods like Paypal. Their network is huge worldwide with millions of active publishers and advertisers.

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Top Post on the Same Topic

Read the full article about the Pros and Cons of Google AdSense on ItStillWork. It’s a popular site with a lot of content about blogging. They explain only 4 different benefits & disadvantages of AdSense but that’s enough for some new bloggers. The main purpose of sharing different articles to our site is to connect users with more similar content.


Adsense is always the first choice for many bloggers but why new bloggers must avoid it? everything is explained above which is enough for new bloggers to understand. There are some points to focus on before getting approval of AdSense. Read carefully and share with everyone who might need help from it. More articles are coming soon in our Blogging Tutorial.

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