Hashtag Research Tools to Add to Your Hashtag Strategy

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Whether you want to increase your company’s online audience or participate in a client’s social media marketing campaign, hashtags can help you get there. The hashtag tool will be highly beneficial to you throughout this process, making your work much more convenient. HubSpot social media scientist Dan Zarella found that tweets with one or more hashtags were 55 % more likely to be retweeted rather than tweets without a hashtag after analysing 1.2 million tweets. If you wish to enhance your social media profile or consider Instagram marketing company India, you must have a hashtag strategy.

Hashtags can significantly increase the search speed of content, allowing you to engage with your followers effectively. The right hashtag tools can help you succeed in your social media strategy by providing a platform for selecting, creating, and tracking hashtags for your content. You can spread awareness about the brand you want to influence this way. When you efficiently capture the audiences you need a well-chosen hashtag or hashtag set. You can create a community all-around with your official social media.

Use hashtag research tools to identify the most effective hashtags, which will not only save you time but will also provide you with the most relevant suggestions.

 Here are some tools that can give wings to your campaign.

  1. Keyword Tool

This software gathers words and phrases related to your keywords to make better suggestions for you. The Keyword Tool provides a People tab that reveals Instagram handles that include your keywords to display related hashtags. Related hashtags, as well as related questions and phrases with prepositions, appear in YouTube search results.

The ideal feature of this tool is the ability to perform bulk searches in less time.

●      Price

The free version of the Keyword Tool allows you to enter up to five negative keywords. You must upgrade to the Pro version, which comes with additional fees if you want more options. If you choose the Pro version, you will receive 10 times the total of search results on a daily basis. If you select the Pro plan, you can insert up to 6 negative keywords to help narrow your search.

●      Pro plan

Pro plan divides into three categories:

Pro Basic: You will have to pay $69 per month for Pro Basic, which allows you to produce 7,000 keyword search results per day, which is a much better option.

Pro Plus: If you choose Pro Plus, it will cost you $79 per month and allow you to have up to five users. With its assistance, you can conduct up to 35,000 keyword searches per day, which is quite a lot.

Pro Business: The cost of Pro Business is the highest available cost of $159 per month. Its unique feature is that it allows up to ten people to use the account simultaneously.

Major features:

It provides great analytics including a negative keyword filter that is available in multi-lingual.

Suitable for Vloggers on YouTube and Instagram

  1. All hashtags

The All Hashtags website, which launched in 2015, was initially recognized as a simple hashtag generator tool. Later on, it appears to have expanded and added new features in response to the growing needs. It now allows you to create, analyze, and search the most popular hashtags with the most features. One of the advantages of this website is that all services and hashtag tools are completely free.

●      Its website currently has four hashtag tools:

Hashtag Generator: A hashtag generator that discovers prominent or emerging hashtags and presents the most relevant hashtags.

Hashtag Creator: This tool helps you create your own hashtags.

Hashtag Analytics: Analyse hashtags to provide analytical data about your hashtags for marketing purposes.

Top Hashtags: Indicates which hashtags are the best and which hashtags are currently trending.

All Hashtags make it simple to create and analyse top relevant hashtags for social media content and marketing. You can generate thousands of hashtags to copy and paste into your social media posts. Hashtag Generator of All Hashtags returns the top 30 and more hashtags based on your keyword selection.

  1. Hashtagify

It is a hashtag tool that assists you in finding, monitoring, and analysing hashtags in depth. If you’re seeking a hashtag research tool for your Instagram marketing company India that’s a little more in-depth in terms of research, Hashtagify might be the right fit. Data on everything from the trend of hashtags to which countries use them the most can be found here. Hashtagify also includes a word cloud with examples of related hashtags.

●      Price

Free: If you can analyse hashtags on Twitter, you can use them for free. The free version of Hashtagify is available to social media managers and agencies who primarily use Twitter.

Paid: Fees for Instagram hashtag research and in-depth analysis tasks begin at $29 per month. Anyone who needs an in-depth hashtag tracker and other tools for scheduling and reporting can upgrade to the paid version.

Display Purposes

Display Purposes is essentially a hashtag generator that assists you in locating the best Instagram hashtags for your brand. It is a very convenient tool with limited functionality. If you don’t yet have a large enough budget to invest in social media marketing, this may be a good option for you. It is most suitable for freelancers or business owners who are just starting.

To generate keywords for daily use, begin by typing a keyword into the top search bar. When you enter a hashtag, a list of hashtags is automatically displayed. The basic design of this tool is what makes it so popular. What you should know is that the tool may occasionally suggest hashtags that aren’t particularly relevant. The more (Hashtags) you use, the more (targeted hashtags) will appear, so use as many relevant tags as possible.

●      Price: Free of charge

  1. Sked Social

Sked Social is an all-in-one Instagram platform with a powerful hashtag recommendation feature. It appears when you include at least one hashtag in your caption or the first comment box. It nicely simplifies the scheduling process. The nice part is that it also informs you how trendy they are and whether they’re ‘okay,’ ‘good,’ or ‘great’ to use. The more (Hashtags) you use, the more targeted the suggestions become. To keep your caption section neat and clean, schedule your hashtags within just a comment of your post.

The best thing about Sked Social is that it isn’t just a tool; it can also perform with and report on other social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and even Google My Business. This platform is appropriate for everyone, including social media managers, business owners, agencies, and freelancers.

●      Price: Starting at $21 per month, this service includes editing, scheduling, and other functionalities for all social media platforms.

Bottom Line

Including trending hashtags in your Twitter and Instagram posts can help to increase the visibility of your content. You can develop your business, build relationships, and keep track of your competitors by using the right hashtags. However, manually searching hashtags take a long time and may not yield the desired results. If a key phrase is essential to your company or customers, having it appear in your social media feeds occasionally isn’t enough. When deciding on the best hashtag research tool for your company, you must first determine your goal.

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