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Khechari Mudra with Health benefits is known as Nabho Mudra, a state of the art activity that should first be directed by a yoga professor.


Khechari Mudra is known as Nabho Mudra, a state of the art activity that should first be directed by a yoga professor. As defined in Hatha Yoga Pradipika, understanding by experience and not knowledge by an intellectual definition has been mastered only by a practitioner who has encountered it. Khechari Mudra is also able to bring intensive beneficial improvements to your mind and your body (physical and spiritual) when performed comfortably and regularly:

Physical or Health Advantages of Khechari Mudra at Om Swami Ashram

  • Khechari Mudra (Nabho Mudra, in the first stages of the practice) operates on the salivary glands, which are linked in turn to the lower solar plexus, which involves digestion. Thus the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra) is enabled and increases digestion by practice (even without the tongue getting deeply in).


  • Khechari Mudra (Nabho Mudra), which is active during tension and stress, brings a deep feeling of relaxation and peace by triggering ‘rest and digest.’ This resting and digest mode is the direct product of the parasympathetic nervous system stimulation (PNS), where the body’s energy is stored.
  • Khechari Mudra (Nabho Mudra) has been used to affect the heart, lungs, and brain over time. It functions together and defends the body against such problems such as blood pressure, regulates anxiety and stress, slows down heart speed, boosts metabolic function, overcomes insomnia, etc.
  • Any throat, tongue, eyes, voice, and stomach problems are removed on a physical basis.
  • The Khechari Mudra practitioner can see his/her character shift. In reality, it can resolve the mental disparity. This balance tends to create a balanced, less polar personality. There are communication, disposition, bravery, imagination, trust, sensitivity, freedom, leadership skills, etc. This equilibrated personality makes the individual develop overall and results in personal wellbeing, income, healthy working and living circumstances, etc.


Some Extra Benefits

  • It also helps to maintain the skin shine and the thyroxine complement, this mudra’s practice (hormone of the thyroid).
  • In Khechari Mudra’s practice (Nabo Mudra), the body’s heat should awaken the kundalini, with tongue spikes acting on both the media and the Pingala of the nasal passages. This energy is focused up to the Ajna Chakra (Third Eye). This mudra chakra allows a practitioner to appreciate divine experiences.
  • The subconscious will equilibrate whether the physical body is in equilibrium. It chooses the right from the false and will operate on the body’s strength; it eliminates barriers from the mind; it sets a route to spirituality. The practice will conquer all kinds of fun (physically and mentally) when the mind is in balance by liberating himself from bonds.


  • The created heat releases the cold hard fluid in the body, and the individual can taste the fluid behind his throat, known as the mouth (nectar). When tasted, this nectar gives good health, longevity, and the yogi to have a lovely soft body.
  • The tongue that stretches far back stimulates the pineal gland, a very significant spiritual awakening aspect. That’s not easily done, of course.

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