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Addison’s disease is not a contraindication to physical activity and sports training. Read guide about “Lifestyle and Addison’s Disease “


Addison’s disease is not a contraindication to physical activity, sports training, and even running a marathon. Physical activity is good for the entire body. It improves the functioning of the circulatory system. It helps in reducing fat mass and prevents the effect of losing weight. Exercise increases bone mass, preventing the development of osteoporosis. After all, exercise improves our mood and reduces tension and stress, thus preventing depression.

People with Addison’s disease should keep fit in the same way as any other person. However, it may seem much more difficult to start exercising than healthy people. This is because the body reads it as a great effort to do something it is not used to. Therefore, if you haven’t exercised much so far, it is worth being careful at the beginning.


Small physical exertion, such as a walk, does not require taking additional doses of hydrocortisone; however, if you plan to take up a more demanding sport, it will be necessary at least at the beginning. If you return to a sport you were practicing before your diagnosis (such as swimming, cycling, fitness), start slowly. Start with about 5 minutes a day and slowly increase your exercise time. Read some basic rules in the Lifestyle and Addison’s Disease Guide.


  • If the activity you undertake is not very demanding and used to it, you do not need an additional dose of the drug.
  • If you are engaging in exercise that you have not done before, take a small additional dose of this medicine ΒΌ of your normal daily dose one hour before exercise (e.g., 5 mg hydrocortisone for a daily dose of 20 mg)
  • If the physical exertion you want to undertake is very demanding, such as climbing, marathon run, or other, consult your endocrinologist first about taking the medication in this situation.
  • Remember to replenish your fluids.
  • Avoid drinking isotonic fluids containing potassium.

 Travels. Addison’s disease is, of course, not a contraindication to making shorter and longer journeys. However, remember that you must be properly prepared when you go on a trip. Always have enough medication with you and a hydrocortisone injection kit if you experience Signs symptoms of an adrenal crisis. ,

When going out for 1 night, you should have at least a few additional doses of hydrocortisone with you and your own kit for injecting hydrocortisone. If you are going away for an extended period of time, take your medication with you in case of fever, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Do not forget to collect the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) from the National Health Fund branch where you are registered.

Thanks to this, you will receive free medical care in the event of sudden and disturbing symptoms in any country belonging to the European Union. The patient should always have an adequate supply of medication in hand luggage when flying. If your luggage is lost, it may take a while to recover it. You can never stay in a foreign country without your medication in stock. It is good to have information from your doctor about the disease and the dehydration treatment you should receive in an emergency.


Lifestyle and Addison’s Disease

It would be best to translate this information into the language of the country you are going to. You should always inform your loved ones about longer trips outside your place of residence. Contact them and keep them informed about your whereabouts.

When traveling by plane, you don’t need to take extra doses of hydrocortisone when you change time zones. It will be easiest if you take another dose of hydrocortisone every 5-6 hours. It is easy to dehydrate when traveling by plane. Remember to drink a lot during the flight. Have a bottle of mineral water with you, or remember to ask the staff for extra water.

Remember not to sit in one position all the time during the flight. Get up at least once every two hours and take a walk along the deck. Book your flight for an hour so that your final destination is in the evening hours. This way, you will be able to go to sleep right away when you get there. If your flight ends in the morning, waiting for sleep until the evening hours will increase your fatigue even more.



 Undoubtedly, each operation is associated with great mental stress and stress on the body. The normal physiological response to perioperative stress is increased cortisol secretion. It mainly serves to ensure that the immune stress response is normal. When there is another mild disease, should also increase the hydrocortisone dose. It is usually increased by 60-80 mg daily. You may return to your usual daily dose about 2 days after your health improves.

Minor and brief stresses such as a dental check-up or examination should not require an increased hydrocortisone dose. Remember that you must change your drug intake to subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous if you have vomiting or diarrhea. To do this, be sure to visit your family doctor because hydrocortisone prepared for self-administration by patients at home is not available in Poland. Gastrointestinal infections are the most common cause of the adrenal crisis in patients with Addison’s disease. Also, remember about proper hydration. Addison’s disease is straightforward to get dehydrated, which can be very dangerous to your health!


For Addison’s disease, there aren’t many dietary restrictions to be followed. Most sick people can eat like any other person. It does not apply to people with other comorbidities where it is necessary to follow a specific diet such as diabetes, celiac disease, and osteoporosis. Unlike healthy people, people with Addison’s disease have a much easier time to become dehydrated and lose sodium from the body.

On the other hand, blood potassium levels are usually high or elevated. Some people taking higher doses of hydrocortisone may have problems maintaining a healthy weight. Often you are overweight, which can make it difficult to lose. For these reasons, all people with Addison’s disease should follow certain dietary rules to maintain health and a healthy weight. Nutritional rules for patients with Addison’s disease

Water management

  • Consume at least 1.5 liters of water daily
  • For every glass of alcohol, coffee, tea, or cola you drink, drink an additional 1 glass of water
  • Avoid drinks containing potassium (isotonic drinks often contain it, tomato juice)
  • Remember to drink more water in hot weather and if you are ill with diarrhea, vomiting, or fever


All people, especially people with Addison’s disease, should follow the general principles of healthy eating. In families where a person has Addison’s disease, the whole family can eat similarly because everyone should follow healthy eating rules. Many people with Addison’s disease have an increased appetite for salty and sour foods. Lower blood sodium levels cause it in people with Addison’s disease. It is worth taking this into account when preparing a dinner for the whole family.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Addison’s disease is most often detected around the age of 40. Many women will manage to get pregnant and give birth to healthy children by then. However, it also happens that the disease is revealed at a much earlier age and during pregnancy. In properly treated Addison’s disease, pregnancy and delivery should proceed without complications. Women with Addison’s disease can become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby.

Should remember that Addison’s disease alone does not reduce fertility in women. However, fertility problems may arise if medication is incorrectly taken. Problems in getting pregnant can be caused by too low body weight. It also happens that premature ovarian failure syndrome coexists with Addison’s disease. ,

Every pregnant woman should be under constant medical supervision. However, in pregnant women with Addison’s disease, increased vigilance applies to both the doctor and the future mother. During pregnancy, should take hydrocortisone in the same doses as before pregnancy. May increase the need for hydrocortisone in the first trimester due to weight gain.

Increasing the hydrocortisone dose may also be necessary if there is inflammation or other infection in the body. In the case of gastrointestinal infections, it is necessary to change the drug administration to intramuscular or intravenous. This drug administration method is also necessary for the event of uncontrolled vomiting, but it occurs in a small number of pregnant women.

Moreover, in Addison’s disease, you can breastfeed your baby. A newborn can start breastfeeding when the daily dose of hydrocortisone will be 40 mg, most often on the sixth day after surgery. Addison’s disease is also not a contraindication to the use of hormonal contraception. However, it is most often necessary to reduce hydrocortisone’s daily dose when these drugs accelerate its action. Hope you love reading “Lifestyle and Addison’s Disease”

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