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Hiring a Freelance Freight Broker: Is It a Good Idea?

Logistics is an integral part of any business. However, not all enterprises are large enough to possess their own logistics units or departments. Nowadays it’s more popular to cooperate with freight delivery services. On the Net, there are lots of available variants. 

You may find both superb professional teams with rich experience and copious positive reviews and beginners who are just starting their acquaintance with the world of cargo transportation. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that you can hardly find a business owner who wants to find the cheaper but most reliable and skillful logistics broker. Moreover, nowadays there are lots of freelancers who are ready to fulfill all our desires and needs. But is it a good idea to hire a freelance freight broker or is it better to work with professional agencies? Let’s figure it out. 

First of all, it’s necessary to clarify what the term freelance freight broker means. It’s a person who is not an employee of any logistics agency but offers his or her services to business owners. By hiring such a worker, you are likely to grab some profits. The most crucial of them are the following:

  • Reduced expenditures. 

One of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs decide to hire a freelancer is their desire to save money. You are to pay less. Of course, it’s possible to find quite expensive specialists. But, as a rule, freelancers are more affordable than professional forwarders.  

  • The possibility to choose among a wide range of variants.

The modern world goes online. No wonder, on the Net, you are to find hundreds or even thousands of available solutions.  

  • You get services exactly when you need them.

Almost every business owner has ever faced a situation when it’s necessary to deliver cargo but there are no available brokers. Freelancers are a good way out in this case.   

At the same time, hiring a freelance broker has some significant disadvantages you should consider. They are the following:

  • Limited capacities.

Experienced logistics companies possess more trucks, connections, tools, and equipment to provide you with top-quality services. For freelancers, it may become a real challenge to find some special containers or packaging materials.      

  • A lack of reliability.

If you cooperate with a person for the first time, you are likely to be nervous.  

  • Possible legal issues.

It’s not always possible to arrange all the operations in accordance with the laws while freelancers may lack certificates, permissions, etc.  

  • The possibility of cheating.

You shouldn’t forget about the possibility of scammers. You may send money and get no services.  

Thus, freelance brokers are a good solution for you only when it comes to unexpected extra urgent orders and the experts of your regular expedited trucking company are not able to help you. Such situations often happen during the hot seasons. 

To sum it up, it should be noticed that cooperation with freelance specialists is a good solution only when it comes to one-time orders. If you are going to develop and promote your business, it’s better to cooperate with a good-rated and trustworthy logistics company. Luckily, nowadays there is no lack of choices.     

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