How do ensure the Quality of the Work on a Construction Site?

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You just bought a house on plans, in a foreign country, and you want to make sure that the construction work is being done the right way? There is a solution that can help you control the whole process, wherever you are located in the world. It is called a time lapse camera. Here is what it can do for you and other ways to stay updated.

Watching the Progress Online

Time lapse cameras have revolutionized construction sites. They are being used by company managers, to follow the work that is being done on the site, from afar. When the ground is first shoveled, the lapse time cameras are positioned somewhere they can catch all the action happening. Since it possesses a 220° view, a time lapse camera can really observe all that goes on, on a construction site. It takes a picture at regular intervals, so that the person watching the feed afterwards, can see the work in progress. It is similar to watching it on a fast forward reel.  

That is the best way for a buyer to remain aware, at all times, on the state of construction of the house. Since you can access the camera feed in real time, you know precisely at which point the building is currently at, and you can have an idea of how much longer it will take to have it completed. Those that know a lot about construction will also be able to judge the quality of the work being done on the ground. However, if you are not an expert, you can ask questions about elements that you don’t understand, but don’t try to become a specialist, simply because you think that something is wrong. This could rapidly ruin your relationship with the builder.

Ask for Regular Reports

The building of the house itself is certainly the one thing that you will be most preoccupied with. However, you should also ask for reports to be provided to you, on the costs that have been spent. If the builder has guaranteed you a house price that would not be surpassed, then you won’t need this. However, it is often better to give yourself some kind of margin. As the house grows, you may decide to add a wall here or open up one with a larger window. It is one thing to imagine the house on a plan, and another to see it grow, as it is being built. And so, if you take this advice, you will need to be updated on costs, with invoices to prove the spendings.

Naturally, to modify parts of the house, as you go along, you will need to see the inside of it. The time lapse camera will provide you with a vision of the outside growth only. There are different ways to go about it. Pictures can be sent regularly. However, a video will provide a much better view of the whole situation. Make sure that you receive some that are shot on sunny and rainy days. It is the only way to fully understand the amount of natural light that you can expect to come into each room.

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