How to Apply For Adidas Product Testing

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Are you interested in becoming an Adidas product tester?

If so, you should know that applying is simple and free. You’ll receive a personal invitation by email, as well as complimentary test gear and instructions on how long you should wear it and how many miles you should cover. Once you’ve completed your testing, you’ll mail the gear back to Adidas. They’ll pay for the shipping, and they’ll provide detailed logs of your activities. Once you’ve completed your tests, you’ll be asked to complete a short survey about your experience.

To qualify, you need to be a teenager, a young adult, or an older adult who enjoys sports. The selection process is quick and easy. You will be sent a pair of sneakers that you’ve never worn before. During the two to four week test period, you must wear the product, report any wear and tear, and answer a simple questionnaire online. If approved, your participation will be confirmed by the testing company.

Adidas product tester

Before you can qualify to become an Adidas product tester, you must complete several requirements. For instance, you can’t wear any competing brands during your test, and you can’t share the product with others. You’re also not allowed to post pictures of the product on social media sites. It’s important to follow all rules of your test, and make sure you don’t breach the non-disclosure clause or you’ll face heavy legal action. In addition to that, you must send back the shoes safely after using them for four weeks.

Once you’ve completed your test, you’re required to submit an online application. You’ll then be selected based on your interest and needs. You’ll then be contacted by email and mailed your test product. Once you’ve tested it and decided it’s worth purchasing, you’ll need to mail it back to Adidas to be able to review it properly. In return, you’ll receive a free pair of sneakers.

To become an Adidas product tester, you’ll need to sign up for a test program. To be a tester, you’ll need to fill out an application form. In the application, you’ll provide basic personal information, as well as body measurements. You’ll also need to submit an athletic profile and demographic information. You’ll receive an invite to participate in the test through email. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be sent your testing products.

While it might seem like the most exciting part of being an Adidas tester, the program has its cons. The program has strict rules regarding what you can and cannot do. The most important of these is confidentiality. It is essential for a tester to have access to the Internet and have a valid email address. In addition, the Adidas product testing program requires you to sign a strict non-disclosure agreement. This means you can’t post any pictures or reviews online of the test product you’ve reviewed.

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