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Being youngster, most people have a dream of serving their country as a civil servant. This guide can answer “How to Become an IAS Officer?”


Being a youngster, most people have a dream of serving their country by being a civil servant. So most of the students regularly search for How to become an IAS officer in India. Generally, most people want to become ias because they need a correct place, power, and the machinery to make decisions and implement their thinking without inconvenience.

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Due to these reasons, it’s seen that most of the candidates choose this post. Being an IAS officer, you will be provided with all the government powers, along with all the legal securities and government machinery. It would help if you implemented all the government’s decisions and keeping your views along with the decision for the well-being of humanity, people, and the country. 

At present, we have gone through the introduction part of IAS and why the candidates dream of it. So at this point, it’s as important part is to know all about IAS.So in the below parts of this post, you will find the other detailed explanation about IAS.

What is the Full Form of IAS?

As we are looking to become an IAS officer, we must first know the full form of IAS, so IAS stands for INDIAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE. It is one of India’s top high-level government jobs and one of the top three Indian government services. As the post of ias gives all the power, job satisfaction, good salary, enough other invoices with security, this is the reason behind holding the dream of many youngsters to become an IAS officer and serve the country. Most of the candidates start preparing for the exams from the 10th and 12th standards only. 

How to become an IAS officer after 12th?

All about UPSC

The UPSC conducted the IAS exam. Union Public Service Commission is the full form of the UPSC. This the exam branch for most of the first-class government services exams. The UPSC exam is conducted for IAS, IPS, and other first-class posts like IFS and many others. UPSC is one of the most examination conduction boards in India. Along with the civil services exam, this board also examines other 25 branches. This includes NDA, AFCAT, etc., which comes under the defense sector. 

How the UPSC Exam conducted?

UPSC conducts the Civil services examination in three different phases, and also all these three phases contain sub-categories. To become an IAS, IPS, OR RFS, you need to qualify each phase, and based on your performance in the various process, the final marks are counted, and your results are to be declared on the official site. 

This UPSC or civil services exam is conducted in three phases, namely 

  1. Preliminary test (prelims)
  2. Main exam. (Mains)
  3. Interview. (Final Interview)

These three phases are the roadmap for How to Become an IAS Officer. Nowonce we are known for UPSC’s three selection process, let’s try to understand a little about all these three phases of selection.

Preliminary test

This is the first phase in the selection process of the civil service exam, generally called prelims. All the candidates who have applied to appear for these exams can attend the exam paper in this process. The prelims question paper is based upon the general knowledge and another day-to-day topic like current affairs etc. This question paper is similar for every candidate but based upon the candidate’s language, only the question paper language is varied. Here you can easily find the best tips about how to prepare for UPSC prelims. 

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Now after the results of prelims, based upon the cut-off provided by the exam conducting board UPSC. The qualified candidates can appear for the next session of the examination or the second phase of the examination called the Main Exam or UPSC mains. Read How to prepare for prelims for more details.

UPSC mains

This is the second phase in the selection process of the Civil Services examination. In this exam, the topics are already selected by the candidate based upon his/her strength. All the questions are set by the UPSC board based upon the subjects chosen by the candidate. It has sub-phases where the knowledge of the candidate is examined. To know either he/she is capable of satisfying the post or not.

After the completion of this process, the mains results are to be announced by the UPSC once again. And the successful candidates of these main exams have to appear in the next called session to undergo other examination formalities, which are called the final round of civil services examination “Interview.”


This is the last round of the UPSC examination. The successful candidates of the Prelims and Mains are to be called for an interview. In this process, face-to-face interaction is done with the interviewers. The interviews are mostly the IAS and IPS officers only. They try to select the correct person for the posts based upon their body language and communication skills. These interviews are generally up to 30-50 minutes long. The interviewers identify every point based on the candidate. Once they complete all the interview process formalities, they award marks for each candidate so that the final merit list can be prepared. 

These all are the three selection process of the UPSC examination.

Salary of an IAS

Now when it comes to the salary of an IAS officer. At present, the salary is based on the seventh pay commission set by India’s central government. It’s about rs.56,000/- per month in the starting period of their service for an IAS officer. And it moves up to rs.2.5 lakhs per annum at the end of the service. Along with the salary, the officers are provided with other incentives, including travel funds, home funds, and many other incentives. 

Hope once you have read the above information, you have leftover how to become an IAS officer. But still, if you have any doubt regarding this, you can mention it in the below comment box. We suggest you read the Engineering mechanics textbook for more information.

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