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How To Create A Business Name That Does Not Suck

A great business name is an asset that contributes to the growth of your business, hence driving your company forward. Choosing the wrong name for your business can block your success and cost you lots of money trying to fix it. Take some time and think through the naming process as you research widely to create a unique name that will stand out. The guidelines below can help you choose a name that does not suck.

Seek Inspirations From Uncommon Places

To develop a unique, catchy name, you need to look for inspiration from strange places. Know the market competition you are about to enter and find other key players in the industry, but look for inspiration elsewhere. 

Seeking inspiration from the industry you want to venture into may lead to boring and repetitive suggestions. Read widely, especially from sources away from what you intend to do. You can also generate your business name from sites such as Namify. Make sure you are in the right mindset for the ideas to flow freely.

Choose A Name For Your Audience

When naming your business, you need to select a name that appeals to your business. Know your audience at heart and mind for effective naming. Think about the people who might use your product. Identify some of their emotional triggers and how they affect their buying decisions. Your business name should speak to their pain points. It should set you apart from your competitors. 

Think of how your brand will make their lives easier and choose a name that resonates with that. Using sites such as Namify to develop a business name helps develop a name that speaks clearly about what your company does.

Be Objective

Creating a business name is personal but should be inclusive. You need to understand that this is not a contest where the best business name wins a prize. The process involves coming up with several business name ideas and narrowing them down in a guided objective process, then deciding on a name that best suits your brand. Using a business name generator, such as Namify, can help you get better results than you would get on your own.

The Naming Process is Not Democratic But Inclusive

As you start the naming process, understand the difference between democracy and inclusion. When working with a team, remember your perspective should be the strongest and most informed to the business owner. This means that the business owner should make all big decisions on branding and naming. That does not mean you exclude ideas from anybody else and work independently. Rather, the team you work with should share their ideas during this critical process. 

However, you should not use the opportunity to collect votes and choose a name with the most votes. As long as you work with the team throughout the entire process, the team members will grow to love it, while some will embrace it immediately.

Your business name should be a conversation starter to elicit curiosity from everyone who comes across it. Choose a name that is engaging and memorable. The name should lead in telling your brand story and create a sense of identity for your business.

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