How to Keep Up the Motivation for the CHSL Exam?

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Planning timetable meticulously, keeping all the stationery ready and finding the perfect time to study, but when actually starting with the preparation, you lack the motivation to merely glance at the study materials. You must be familiar with this experience. We’ve all been there. Or even if you start off well, it doesn’t last longer than 10 minutes. You are either consumed by the urge to check social media, or text your friends, or watch a show. And so you are trapped in the vicious cycle.

An important aspect of preparing for the CHSL exam is to maintain your concentration and motivation for the exam. Too often, candidates do not include the importance of motivation while drawing up their study plans. Not being able to focus while studying can be extremely frustrating. While due diligence and sincerity do help in the SSC CHSL, remaining motivated throughout your preparation period becomes a serious task. But remember, not everyone is motivated throughout the day. It is okay not to be pumped up about studies all the time. All you need is a little help. Hence, we have shared a few tried-and-tested tips and tricks to put you back into study mode.

5 Tips to Boost Your Motivation For SSC CHSL Exam

  1. Find out your reason for appearing in the exam – Higher salary, better career options, or providing your family with a better life. Working on something daily is not necessarily a hard task if your reasons are strong enough. Choose one that is big for you – big enough that you’ll not succumb to any excuses. It doesn’t matter whether the reasons might seem trivial to others or not, as long as it is something that excites you every step of the way. Once you’ve found your reason, remind yourself of the goal every time you feel yourself faltering in preparation.
  2. To begin with, go easy on yourself – When you are already struggling to focus, it is not a great idea to start with the most challenging chapters at a time. If you feel like moving away from the central point, choose a topic that you know will be easy for you to learn. By doing this, you will not only keep the momentum going but also be able to focus better. Also, curiosity can be a great motivator to keep you going. Hence, be curious to learn and treat studies as an opportunity to learn and not as a chore.
  3. Boredom kills your motivation- Since the syllabus of the SSC CHSL exam is vast, you will encounter various topics that bore you. Try learning those parts by a different method. Understand what all topics bore you and try learning those parts by a different method. Be creative while dealing with these topics. You can get through these topics by applying  innovative methods. For example, watching videos instead of reading books. Do not let the boring topics kill your motivation to scale through the exam.
  4. Give a break to yourself – There is no need to work yourself to death. A good break can refresh your body and mind. Small duration of rest after a thorough study session will help you break the monotony of CHSL exam preparation to keep yourself fresh. Talk to your parents, watch TV, take a rest and recharge yourself for the next period of the slog. A change of scene can also give you a fresh perspective, thus giving you better ideas and pointers for your answers. Take a well-timed break after every session. However, make sure such breaks are reasonably spaced, of appropriate duration and involve tasks not requiring any effort.
  5. Your strengths are your biggest motivation- It is natural to feel a little low at times. Remind yourself of your strengths to cope with such situations. If you are good in quantitative aptitude but weak in reasoning, tell yourself – ‘I am a good quants person. I can deal with reasoning too.’ Yes, the competition is quite tough, and acceptance rates are low. But, if you look at the exam objectively, ultimately, it is an aptitude-based exam.

Keeping  yourself sufficiently motivated and focused for the CHSL exam can surely help you do wonders. There is no race without hurdles, so do not get demotivated when you see a hurdle. A successful person is the one who faces obstacles and overcomes them. Go through the detailed SSC CHSL syllabus, have mini-targets and strive to achieve them. Remember: hard work goes a long way, but the drive to work hard for long periods is what will help you achieve success.

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