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How to Start a Successful eCommerce Grocery Store (App)

The worth of the online grocery store sales market is going to hit 187.7 billion by 2024. You can just figure out how rapidly this market is expected to bloom.

You can easily start an online grocery store by setting up a website, app, or e-commerce portal. You can promote your online store by offering various offers, including free delivery on your first order or promotional discounts for your customers.

These incentives will encourage more people to shop on your site, thus boosting your sales. Read this detailed guide to learn more about how to develop a successful B2B eCommerce solution in 2022.

Steps for a Perfect Online Grocery Store Development

1. Decide the Delivery Region

First, you need to decide on a delivery region. If you’re selling fresh foods, you need to deliver these products to a specific region. You can’t just deliver to any place.

You’ll also have to ensure that the product will be delivered within a certain timeframe. The best way to achieve this is to offer precise delivery windows.

Customers can choose from various delivery options, and more precise categories translate to more sales. Normally, you should offer delivery windows of 30 minutes or less. Make sure you deliver within that time frame, or you won’t get good customer retention.

2. Choose an E-commerce Platform

You’re planning an online grocery store, and you should know that all users won’t be technically smart. So, ensure that even a 60-year-old granny feels comfortable while ordering groceries from your store.

So, a simple, user-friendly navigation e-commerce platform is essential for a successful online grocery store. Smooth and effective communication between buyers and sellers will further boost the conversion rate.

The presence of multiple currencies and languages in an online grocery store can be an added advantage, particularly if you plan to cater to global customers.

Choose an e-commerce platform that provides advanced search functionality to allow buyers to search by store rather than by product category.

3. Find a Delivery System

When starting an online grocery store, you must ensure that you have the proper delivery system in place. Online grocery stores require a website and an app to be successful.

You must work with a technology partner who understands the unique requirements of your online grocery store because the process may be more challenging than you think. To ensure your business will succeed, the technology partner should understand your needs and offer solutions that meet them.

The best delivery systems allow you to keep track of every route and driver. They also allow you to manage your own deliveries and customize the experience for your customers.

Using two-in-one systems limits flexibility, and third-party delivery services will cost you money and remove control from your business. So, be sharp while choosing a perfect delivery system for your new online grocery store.

4. Integrate With Different Vendors

It is important to integrate with different vendors when starting an online grocery store. This will allow your business to grow as you add new vendors and increase inventory.

It is also important to choose an e-commerce platform that supports multiple sellers. StoreHippo is an example of an e-commerce platform that offers multiple-vendor integration and exclusive admin features. With the use of an advanced grocery app builder, you can create separate sections for vendors during the development of your application.

It also has a robust marketing module. To begin marketing your online grocery store, consider integrating with social media.

5. Marketing

If you’re running an online grocery store, you face some of the same marketing challenges as brick-and-mortar stores. But instead of spending money on expensive billboards and TV ads, you can invest in digital advertising.

Digital ads allow you to target specific segments of customers. And since most consumers are already connected on social media, your ads can be tailored to those consumers.

A strong website is the foundation of any grocery store. It should be updated and informative. There should be a blog and a newsletter sign-up form. It should also feature a video section.

If possible, make videos of your employees, or share information about which vegetables you sell, where they come from, what’s the guarantee of their freshness, etc. It will go a long way toward building a consistent buyer base as you grow your eCommerce grocery store.

6. Social Media Presence

If you’re starting an online grocery store, you need to develop a social media presence to attract customers and advertise your products. Today, social media is the new word of mouth and profoundly affects consumer buying habits. Creating a socially active online grocery store can help you stand out from your competition.

One way to use social media to promote your online grocery store is to create surveys on your site. Ask customers what they’d like to see in an online grocery store, and collect feedback through comments and polls.

A simple poll on social media platforms can reveal which products are selling well and which are not. Social media can offer exclusive offers and discounts to regular consumers. Make sure to follow your customers’ social media accounts to gain insight and feedback about your products and services.

7. Mobile-Friendly Platform

If you’re interested in online grocery store development, you need a mobile-friendly platform. With mobile phones, grocery shopping is now as simple as a few taps.

And with so many online grocery stores, people are well aware of using their phones to order items. The more mobile-friendly your online grocery selling platform is, the lesser the chances of potential shoppers abandoning the cart mid-way.

8. Multiple Payment Options

It’s obvious that we can’t go with only one payment option. A few like to pay through cards, a few prefer UPI payments, while there are people who believe in Cash on delivery.

Nothing can be more hectic than someone already filling the cart with veggies and having to abandon the cart just because the desired payment option wasn’t available!

Don’t let that happen with your online grocery store.


Before you begin, you need to know your target market. You need to know the typical age and gender of your audience. You also need to know your target audience’s average income and education level.

You need to know what they like and dislike and how you can market your store accordingly. Also, as you are selling food items, make sure you have the necessary permissions and fill out various types of tax submissions.

Therefore, to develop a perfect grocery store for your business, you must contact an experienced B2B eCommerce solution development company.

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Mobicommerce is a leading eCommerce solution development company. They have been helping businesses with eCommerce solutions since 2014. 

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