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How to start Snapchat streaks?

Snapchat:- An easy and fun way to share a precious moment with friends and family. It’s a social platform that will make your life filter full with all their new and improved filters. This app is called snap by many users. Snapchat lets you share your day’s highlight with all your friends. You can send a snap or to everyone. Snapchat will let you experience million of new looks and lenses. It will let you share your creativity with the world. You can create your own stickers, filters and can also change the size of stickers and text. You can always send creative and intriguing snaps to your friends.  

Download Snapchat

Download the app from the Google play store and use it on your mobile phone. You must want to understand the concept of sending snap or streaks to keep all the Snapchat user interested. Snapchat has used many mechanism including new filters, stickers, etc. One of them is called ”Snapchat streak”. It’s very easy and to learn more about Snapchat streak you are in the right place. Sit tight and read all the information carefully. 

We will tell you how to send streak on Snapchat and how to get a streak in Snapchat. Starting streaks doesn’t need to be rewarding but having a long streak with your friends is pretty memorable. It’s easy to know how to send streaks on snapchat.

  • Make sure to install the correct app from App Store for iOS and Google Play store for Android. 
  • After installing the app sign up and follow all the given instruction.
  • Now if you have enough friends in your contact you can instantly start building your streaks, if you don’t have friends on Snapchat you can add more friends by: 
  1. open the app on the top right of the screen 
  2. you will find the button for add friends with plus icon 
  3. there will be a list recommended to you for friends 
  4. You can add them by clicking on add next to the username 
  5. You can also manually add your friends or can use scan QR Code 
  • After accepting your request you can start sending or receiving snaps 
  • In order to know how to start Snapchat streak you need to send snaps to your friends and then your friends will send you back. You need to send snaps for three days straight then only your streak will start, that’s how to start after sending and receiving streaks 
  • After almost four days you will see fire emoticon next to your friends name that indicates that streak is on 
  • You need to keep sending snaps daily 
  • You don’t need whole day for this, just one or two snaps. You always need to reply on your friend snaps or you will lose your streak.

Now you know how to create Snapchat streaks and i have seen many people losing their Snapchat streaks so they can request Snapchat from the help center to recover their Snapchat streaks. This works most of the time you can try your luck.

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