How To Use Proxies On iPhones?

n iPhone contains a lot of useful information. Hackers can access it through various methods. If you want to keep your information private, a proxy is the best way to protect your data. iPhones have become the sole source of user connectivity due to digital expansion.

Most companies use the information you share on your phone to send advertisements. You can protect this information by using residential proxies. It will create a barrier between the website and your IP address. A residential proxy is linked with your device just like a home address and hides your IP address whenever you use the internet. 

Why Use Proxies On iPhones?

Most users protect their laptops and desktops by using proxies. They ignore their smartphones and iPhones as collateral. Anyone can access your information through your browsing activities via your iPhone. Proxies keep your phone safe from malicious threats. Here are a few benefits of using proxies on iPhones.

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Hiding Your Location

iPhones provide quick access to your location if you are not careful. A proxy can help hide your location on the internet by changing your IP address while accessing various websites. The new IP address acts like a human being accessing the internet. You can work from anywhere in the world and remain undetected once you hide your original IP address. 

Accessing Localized Data

Many websites do not allow access to specific data. You can request access by using a proxy. Using iPhones makes it easier to access localized data without revealing your identity. The proxy overcomes the blacklists, and you can scrape the data relevant to a particular market. It will give you leverage over other users and provide you with structured data. 

Get Better Prices

Companies get access to consumer behavior by using their personal information. You can do the same by using a proxy to compare the prices of different vendors. It takes a lot of time to compare prices by simply opening each website. When you use a proxy, you can collect as much data as you want in a short time. 

Boost Your Business

Proxies grow your business in a matter of months. Using proxies, you can get higher Google rankings by using web scraping and SEO techniques. Proxies provide an analysis of your competitor’s data and create localized ads. A proxy will verify your ad and drive traffic to your websites by authenticating IP addresses. 

Creating Multiple Accounts

Instead of using the same account for all purchases, you can make multiple accounts. It provides you with quick access to sporting goods and other products. If you want to buy exclusive products such as Nike shoes, you can use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning a bid. 

Managing Multiple Nike SNKRS Accounts For Sneaker Raffles

Nike shoes are all the rage these days. It is difficult to get a hold of them. If you want access to Nike’s SNKRS app. Nike opens up its sales with three types of launches.


It is like a regular launch. People who come first can get the latest Nike shoes. 


Nike creates a waiting list where people are selected randomly in a queue. The winner is announced after two to three minutes. 


It is an exclusive launch where people are placed in a draw. The buyer is announced after ten to thirty minutes. 

You can get access to LEO and DAN draws to buy the latest Nike sneakers. You can participate in the drawing process by using multiple accounts. Your chances of winning a draw are higher when you send in more requests. 

Sneaker Bots And Proxies

Once you are a member of the SNKRS app, you can get your name inside a draw. However, it doesn’t mean that you will get your favorite shoes right away. Sneaker bots can help you get more draws by using multiple accounts. Connect the sneaker bots to a proxy to overcome the web traffic of the SNKRS app. 

Sneaker boots are used with a residential proxy. You will be sending empty requests to the SNKRS app if you don’t use a proxy. A single IP address to make repeated requests. SNKRS app will block the IP address if its program detects inconsistencies. You can use multiple accounts with different residential proxies and IP addresses to get as many Nike shoes as possible. 


You can get a better understanding of data usage by using proxies. Don’t use free proxies as they are a front for stealing data. Carry out a complete background check before buying a proxy. A residential proxy is more reliable. It provides a local connection to your device, and the proxy server requires your explicit consent. You can get quick results by using iPhones with a residential proxy. 

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