Real Estate Guide To Skip Tracing

Real estate professionals have a greater need for lead contact information than most other industries do. Conventional advertising and marketing work for those who retail goods and those who make them, and it is usually even useful for service providers.

Real estate sales agents, investors, and wholesalers need to find the inventory they bring to market, though, because it can’t be manufactured or otherwise produced. Skip tracing is the tool that allows you to locate contact information on the owners of properties that look like good prospects, making it a vital resource.

What Is Skip Tracing?

Have you ever wondered how debt collectors and private investigators locate people? Skip tracing is that process. It can be done manually, and for local cases that is what investigators excel at. When you need bulk contact information for lead outreach, a skip tracing service or app is generally a more cost-effective choice. Either way, an effective skip trace includes a search of public records and online resources to provide the most comprehensive report possible.

  • Tax lien lists
  • Foreclosure and pre-foreclosure lists
  • Public records like land deed registries at the county level
  • Social media account searches
  • White and yellow page listings
  • State business license and active federal tax ID lists
  • WHOIS DNS registry ownership
  • Deep web searches for more complete digital results

This list of resources is hardly comprehensive, but it does cover the major information reservoirs. Effective skip tracing with tier-1 data can provide you with what is effectively a virtual digital assistant real estate wholesaling.

Manual Skip Tracing Benefits

Hiring a private investigator to skip trace individuals is a great idea when you need to physically locate them for something like document service. It is also effective when you’re trying to find out of touch family members because investigators usually take the skip tracing search results from apps or other services and then work the reports to confirm the contact information and location of the individual. It can be expensive, however, and that makes it more suitable for some things than for others.

Digital Bulk Skip Tracing Benefits

Using a skip tracing app is usually the best option for bulk searches because those searches typically seek out contact information without the need for a physical confirmation of the subject’s location. That makes products like Batchleads perfect for industries like debt collection, real estate lead generation, and marketing. What is BatchLeads? It is an app that does a deep search of all the available tier-1 data on the people or addresses in your lead list so you can get fast results no matter how many searches you need to run.

How To Use Skip Tracing as a Real Estate Professional

Taking advantage of multi-function apps to identify, trace, and manage contacts with leads can be the most cost-effective way to get access to the service. BatchLeads skip tracing is built in to the basic service cost so you can find as many leads as your map search and driving campaigns allow you to identify. The next step in the research process is directly checking features and costs.

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