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Ideas for Eco-Friendly Packaging for Your Creative Business

Artists and makers are becoming more conscious that, like other larger firms, they must make thoughtful decisions about the packaging they employ. Users are demanding more environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging, but many designers and producers are also seeking better choices to help safeguard the earth.

In the case of packing, reusing old materials, boxes, and envelopes is the most environmentally responsible option. This isn’t always achievable as your small firm expands, and although using 100 percent recycled packaging is excellent for the environment, it’s not always the ideal solution for keeping your items safe, growing your brand, and conveying your design talents.

So, if you want to go green with your deliveries, I’ll show you seven ecologically friendly packing alternatives for your creative firm.

  1. Avoiding excessive packing

This one is quite simple. When you use the incorrect size box or packing, you:

You run the danger of hurting your goods since they will collide with the walls.

To safeguard your goods, you will need to use additional filler material, which will result in greater waste.

To prevent this, use packaging with dimensions that are appropriate for your goods. Using bespoke packaging is not necessary. But you ought to consider the item’s size. In addition, select the smallest box or package that allows your item to fit securely inside. To minimize breakage or damage, make sure your item fits snugly and, if necessary, add a filler sparingly.

If you use too much packing or the inappropriate size box, your buyer may inquire:

Has this business taken sufficient care in wrapping my item?

Is all of this packing really necessary?

What am I able to recycle?

A large cardboard box loaded with unnecessary paper not only costs more to transport and generates more trash, but it may also reflect poorly on your business. By using packaging with dimensions that are appropriate for your item, you will convey your values as an environmentally conscious brand, your items will be more secure, you will have fewer returns of damaged items, and you will help the environment. Everyone wins.

  1. Accept the simple cardboard box.

Cardboard is a low-cost, ecologically friendly material. Cardboard boxes come in a wide variety of forms and sizes, and in addition to having a low environmental impact, double- and triple-walled cardboard boxes are as durable as they come, keeping your items safe and sound throughout the shipping process. Even if cardboard boxes are not separated when thrown away, they degrade quickly in landfills. All of this implies that cardboard is a sure-fire method to keep packaging clean, inexpensive, and environmentally benign.

Boxes and envelopes printed with custom-designed boxes can be an excellent option for firms. It can help them stand out from their competition. Also, they will help in increasing brand recognition and building brand identity.

Choose a provider that uses recycled paper and water-based ink when selecting a supplier.

You can ship small items in cardboard envelopes. Rather than using plastic mailers and bubble-lined envelopes, they may prefer a more environmentally friendly alternative to paper envelopes. This means you may obtain good value for money on shipping while being entirely branded. Paper bags are also ecologically beneficial if you sell your items at craft fairs or pop-up stores.

  1. Design your packaging to be reusable.

You may decrease waste by making packaging reusable, whether it’s the main packaging. It is the one that surrounds the item. It may be the packaging designed for display on store shelves, or packaging used for transporting items. Use your imagination here. An inventive skill is what you need for it. 

  1. Help the environment by using plantable packaging.

Packaging that decomposes into trees? Amazing eco-fragrances. Pangea Organics only offers plant-based beauty items. They created a mechanism to put organic seeds into their packaging to maintain brand consistency across the board. Plant the box after removing the label, immersing it in water, and planting.

Plantable packaging pushes the zero-waste idea to new heights. A basic Google search will take you to seeded paper and envelope suppliers in the United States.

  1. Think about biodegradable packaging.

Compostable packaging degrades under specified temperature, oxygen, humidity, microbe presence, and, most importantly, appropriate equipment. Packaging may be composted depending on its composition:

  • at home, in a compost container (usually in the yard) with bio-waste such as kitchen trash and green waste
  • or in a commercial composting facility, where temperatures may exceed 70° C.
  • It is then converted into natural fertilizer.

Compostable materials are always biodegradable, whereas the opposite is not always true. it is true that one thing is certain. It is the compostable or biodegradable packaging, like any other packaging, that should not be discarded in nature. It does not decompose in the same manner in different situations. Also, while waiting to decay, it may have a harmful influence on biodiversity.

If you pick biodegradable packaging, such as compostable mailing bags, offer some tips. It is ideal so that your user understands how to deal with it.

  1. Include your packaging in your craft fair show.

If you sell at craft fairs, consider using your packaging to showcase your items, add height, or even serve as your stand. This might also work at trade shows if your packaging is extremely inventive, gorgeous, or custom-created.

This generates a nice talking point, and if done well, it may also strengthen your brand identity. Also, not only will your buyer be able to view the packaging that comes with your goods, but it will also make packing and carrying all of your items to and from the show much simpler!

  1. Inform your users

Increase your positive environmental effect by informing your users about what you’re doing and why. Make a YouTube video, and go live on Instagram. Also, you have to write about it on social media. Or you can offer a clear direction to your users. This may include how to reuse, return, compost, plant, or recycle your packaging. You might do this by including a letter with your package. Or you could be even more eco-friendly and send them an email. You should add it to your shipment notice, or even print it on your packing!

This is also a good opportunity for some good narrative and brand promotion.

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