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Importance of Leased line in Networking 

A leased line, also termed a dedicated line, is a private phone and/or data telecommunication service that connects two locations. A leased line helps to create a connection between two points. It is not a dedicated cable. The leased line is constantly operational and comes with a monthly charge.

Leased lines can be used for both short and long distances. Traditional telephone systems reuse the same lines for numerous separate conversations through a process called switching, whereas they keep a single open circuit at all times.

What is the Purpose of Leased Lines?

Businesses most typically rent leased lines to connect their branch locations. You need to make sure that leased line network traffic provides enough bandwidth. leased lines, for example, are quite prevalent.

T1 leased lines, for example, are common and provide the same data rate as symmetric DSL.

Individuals can theoretically rent Business leased lines for high-speed internet access, but the high cost deters most individuals, and many more cheap home choices with higher bandwidth are available, such as domestic DSL and cable internet broadband service.

Fractional T1 lines, which start at 128 Kbps, help to lower the cost. They can be found in various hotels and apartment buildings.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that can be used instead of a leased line. VPNs enable a company to establish a virtual and secure link between its sites, as well as between those locations and remote clients such as employees.

Internet Broadband Services

A leased line is usually not a viable solution for consumers looking for internet access. There are considerably more economical fast broadband internet connections available.

The availability of these broadband services varies by area. In general, the further away you live from a crowded region, the fewer broadband options you have.

Consumers have the following broadband options:

Lines for Digital Subscribers: 

DSL is a broadband service that utilises existing telephone infrastructure. Voice telephone service does not use all of the copper twisted pair wires in the telephone system’s broadband capability, so DSL fills in the gaps.


Cable Modems:

 For many people, cable service is just another pre-existing connection. You can receive the additional broadband internet signal by using the coaxial wire. 

Wireless Broadband: 

The use of wireless broadband helps to connect the user’s location. The Leased line service providers provide the faculty via a radio link. Sometimes, the leased line range is limited. 

Broadband access is frequently offered to utilise cellular signals, which are popularly used by smartphones. This alternative is quicker than dial-up for rural clients, while it is not as fast as DSL or cable and can be costly if you use a lot of data.

Satellite Broadband:

 In some rural regions, satellite broadband may be the sole broadband option. The service is frequently used in conjunction with satellite television and uses the same receiver for downloading. The pace is fast.

The leased line works fastly with the other services. It is faster than a dial-up connection. The only major disadvantage is the hefty cost because of equipment and services. 

What are the Benefits of purchasing leased lines?

Leased line connections are becoming increasingly popular among businesses that rely on internet connectivity to be operational. This is due to the numerous advantages they provide over conventional commercial broadband connections.

Here are a few of the most important advantages of leasing lines.

Leased lines provide a higher Service Level Agreement.

You are more likely to profit from an expanded service level agreement with leased line connections (SLA).

Any network issues will be resolved faster because your SLA normally states that any line rentals will be returned if you have extended periods of downtime. When compared to traditional broadband providers, you are also significantly less likely to encounter any problems — and any problems that do occur are far less serious. 

Leased lines provide an excellent SLA (Service Level Agreement), which means that any network issues are resolved twice as fast, and rentals are often returned for any extended periods of outage. 

You will experience significantly fewer problems than with traditional broadband services, and if any do occur, they will be resolved immediately. Leased lines are the Rolls Royce of internet connections, in a sense.  

Leased lines provide symmetrical bandwidth:

You can ensure that your upload and download speeds are mirrored using a leased line connection.

This is significant because, in the past, internet connections prioritised download speeds above upload speeds, limiting your capacity to upload data.

If your company uses cloud-based IT solutions, you need to know that you can upload data to your cloud-based applications without interruption, send huge emails or documents, answer VoIP phone calls, and even make video conferencing calls.

Due to uncongested Bandwidth, you can expect Rapid speeds.

We’ve previously discussed the UK’s plans to roll out gigabit broadband across the country. 

Fast speeds uncontended Bandwidth

Uncontended bandwidth allows for faster speeds.

We’ve previously discussed the UK’s plans to roll out gigabit broadband across the country. We’ve previously talked about the issues that rural internet connections pose to too many rural businesses.

Because you are not sharing bandwidth with anybody else in your neighbourhood, you can expect fast internet speeds with a leased line. You may rest assured that any ‘peak hour’ usage concerns will not influence your internet speeds. Furthermore, leased line connections frequently provide broadband speeds ranging from 10 bps to 10 Gbps. If your business depends on rapid data, you’ll get 100% of the speeds you pay for.

No data Restrictions in place

Businesses with leased lines can benefit from unconstrained data caps, unlike traditional broadband services that may have data limits as part of their fair usage policy. This is especially important for large enterprises that need to upload massive documents or operate with complex software programmes.

You have complete control over your leased line, allowing you to set any usage limitations.

They’re perfect for companies with several locations.

Leased lines are an excellent choice for enterprises that have many locations, such as offices. This is due to your enhanced bandwidth capacity, which can handle increased video calling and other sorts of communication.

It’s also a viable option for companies intending to embrace remote working in the near future.

It’s also a good option for companies who want to introduce remote working in the near future. This is because home computers and laptops may connect to the line, providing more stable internet access. This means you can rest assured that your employees are working as efficiently as possible, even if you are no longer in an office setting.

Are our leased lines right for your Business?

Are our leased lines appropriate for your company?

Leased lines, as you might guess, will be much more expensive than other business broadband solutions. If your organisation relies on fast internet connectivity to function properly, however, leased lines can deliver a solid return on investment by considerably increasing productivity.

However, we understand that leased lines are not appropriate for every organisation.

Leased lines are expensive, and they might be difficult to set up. Detailed site visits are frequently used to assess the installation process, especially if the lines must connect many offices.

We specialise in collaborating closely with our clients to find the best connectivity solutions for their specific requirements. We can tell when a leased line is in use.

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